Brutal Legend 16 – The Final Battles

Plain and simple, time to take all this home: Doviculus’ number is up. When you talk to Lita and say it is time, again, cutscene, setting the final stage for the game. This is where we learn that Succoria was the one who travelled forward, with Riggnorak. He clearly states that Eddie is Succoria’s son. Truth be told, it is an awesome cutscene.

Time for the final stage battle, which is different from any other you have fought before. This time, the objectives will be to establish your fan base, then attack the heads that are on the sides. First, upgrade your stage and put out some units. Use what you have on hand to deal with the Tainted Coil units that are in front of you. Even though they do not seem to have faces, the little infantry units are still quite susceptible to Face Melter.

Once you establish your fan base, get things moving toward one of the heads. This is just like taking down a stage initially, hit it hard and relentlessly. Need be, let your units do most of the attacking and have Eddie focus on Doviculus or any of the opposition. Most of the units produced can be soloed with relative ease. When a Head is taken down, a cutscene will run, showing a long, slowly turning corridor that leads to the one you were just beating on. Drop the Deuce and gun it for this location. Drive up it and slam the Deuce into the Head. Repeat this on the other side and we are ready for the second part of the fight. It does not really matter the state of the fight when you take down the other head. This can effectively end the stage battle. Once you deal with the second bit of dialogue between Doviculus and Eddie, punch through the head that is now at ramp level.

Showdown with Doviculus
At first, lay into him with the Separator. Watch out for his Jump attack, as it will cut through your guard, be sure to dodge it. Eventually, he will jump and get chained up to the wall and call in some minions. Take the Druids out while attacking Doviculus with Clementine. Once the sets of chains fall away, he will fall to the ground where the Separator can find him again. Take out him (and any remaining Druids). He will jump into the background and chain himself again, this time summoning Battle Nuns and he will be throwing chains around after you. Keep zapping him with Lightning from the guitar to bring him back to earth. After another round of beat down, he will hop up a third and final time, again, throwing chains around and calling in Battle Nuns. Take him down around the assault of the Battle Nuns and hit him one more time with the Separator. He should be dazed this time, and not getting up from the ground. The axe, especially here, will live up to its name.

Congratulations, you have beaten Brutal Legend! Enjoy the final cutscenes and explore the world of Metal. Seek out the Buried Metal, Lost Artifacts of Legend, complete any secondary quest and just in general enjoy this game.

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