Secondary missions added: Iron Heade Sneak Attack, Summon Fiery Death, Ride the Death Rack

Now, it is time for another caravan, this time to the Sea of Black Tears. The end of the game is neigh now. So, buckle up, hold on and get ready to start shooting to kill.

I have found that the Lighting for the Druid Plow is very powerful, a Reaper dies in about 3 hits. It does not have much range (compared to the Homing Missiles) but the speed of killing can make all the difference on the Brutal Difficulty.

Right off the bat, there are 3 Reapers. Waste them with all speed and catch up with the bus. You will find more Reapers on the tail of the bus, so wipe them out as well. Then it is smooth sailing until you reach the end of the Dry Ice mines. Once you emerge though, expect another few squads of Reapers. Just keep them off the bus. They will come from behind and from the left side. You will see a few other units make quick appearances if you diverge from the main route. Still, focus on the Reapers, as they will just keep assaulting the bus from the left and right. Once you start down the slope, you will be in the clear, for a moment.

Almost immediately after the cutscene, you are attacked by the Drowning Doom. Lay Waste to them swiftly. So begins another cutscene, where Ophelia told Eddie that his Father went with the Demon Emperor through time. She then sets the stage one of the final battles. Time for the Sea of Black Tears proper, so head there and talk to Lita. One more set of cutscenes.

Right now, you cannot do much about the other side, so the best thing to do is completely take over the side you are on. Upgrade the stage and pump out a few units. For fun, fly up to the bridge, if any Grave Diggers come, melt their faces. Keep at one level of stage until you take most of the 4 fan geysers. Holding them is very easy, just set the Flag to near the foot of the bridge, this lets you get units to the front fast. Once things are ready, save up and then focus on taking the various fan geysers to get all the stage upgrades and use your new unit, The Rock Crusher. This is on the only unit which can successfully punch through the shield that Lita mentioned at the start of the fight. Advance the rest of your army onto the bridge. Make sure you have a Rock Crusher in tow. These also give a boost to Iron Heade’s attacks.

Once all is ready, Double Team with the Rock Crusher to move in closer to the towers and hit each one in turn with the Bladehenge special attack. Hop off and have your army advance. Build up your forces, take advantage of the fact you have a lot of fans to spend and have an incredibly steady stream of them. Once you make it across the bridge and begin the assault on the Ophelia’s stage, just keep the units coming until it falls.

Once it is done, another cutscene happens, that tells us Doviculus is a more recent Empereor. Once again talk to Lita.

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