Motor Forge Unlocked: High Voltage and Pyromaniac Guitar Strings,

Secondary missions: Summon Fiery Death added

Once again, it is Lita you need to talk to for story advancement. This time, the mission is different a bit. You are riding with a Zaulia, Rima, on a Metal Beast, helping to clear the way for the Tour Bus. The Kill Master will also act as an escort as well, healing you along the way. This will prove very helpful in the longer run. Still, it is not long once you enter the swamp itself you will encounter Grave Diggers. Because you are riding the Metal Beast, hold “A” to burn them alive. Considering how damp it is, they do burn very well. Just after this encounter, you will want to turn right. The Tour Bus will have to stop at a barrier up ahead and you will need to go left and search for the way to lower this wall.

This is a much trickier part, but a good way to know are going the right direction is to follow the purple candle lights. You should wind up on a gentle upward slope out of the bog. You will encounter more Grave Diggers, and some Laser Panthers. Lay waste to them and rush on, as one Laser Panther will be around the corner and out of reach.
If you get held up by Grave Diggers and the Laser Panther is assaulting, lay down a good bit of fire breath then retreat around the last bend. Kill anything that follows then have Eddie hop off the Metal Beast. Now run until you have the Laser Panther in range and kill it using Clementine and return to the Metal Beast.

Not too long after that, you will encounter 2 Broods and receive a little message telling you that the Metal Beast is weak against these constructs. Have Eddie hop off and smash them to pieces with the Separator. Keep going straight, so you run up and over the ramp after the Broods. You will see a white line anchored to some stones, burn it to clear the way for the bus.

Now you will want to let the bus lead so it can clear all the road blocks that are in your way. Things get held up again when you reach the foot of the bridge into the next area, some Laser Panthers will attack and there are some Brides on the far side of the bridge, backed up by more Broods.  Attack carefully, either staying on the Metal Beast or hopping off and attack the Brood separately while the Metal Beast deals with the Brides.

Again, a ways down the road, you will encounter an ambush, Fright Wigs. These are serious ranged attack units from the Drowning Doom. Still, just beyond them is another white line, like the one in the swamp, burn it to clear the way for the bus, which will simply plow through everything in front of it.

It will become quite clear you are headed into the Dry Ice Mines. Keep running and stay up with the Bus. Once everyone reaches the Dry Ice Mines, it becomes smooth sailing. You will find yourself victorious and ready for the next part.

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