Motor Forge Unlocks: The Baron Effigy, Drowned Ophelia Effigy, Soul Sucking and Black Tear Axe Treatments
More Races are available, a new chance to ride the Death Rack

At this point in the game it is quite possible to get all the Tab Slabs, just find a map with their locations and you can further complete the Overslaughter Missions. Talking with the Baron is the first priority in this new area, if you are not going to explore as much. Eddie will see the local wild cats, Metal Beasts, and want them in their Army. The Baron makes numerous suggestions while Eddie is leading up to this. He does not believe Eddie at first, but he will go along with the plan, as will Lita and Mangus.

He lays out that they are to encircle the Metal Beast in Fire to drive them toward Lita who will pounce on them once they enter the circle of light in front of the cage.

Metal Beast #1 – Straight Ahead. This one makes for some good practice, as it is very easy to find and getting the circle with the Fire Baron is harder than one would expect. After that, just drive toward the circle of light and again, encircle the Beast. You can start the circle before the Metal Beast gets there to save a little time, since the Fire Ring will not take effect until the circle is completed,
Lita will jump on and ride it in.

Metal Beast #2 – From where you start break right and head around the tree. It is on the right hand side, sleeping on the ground.
The location of Metal Beast #2

Metal Beast #3 – This time, break left and circle around the tree. You should see spouts of fire erupting from underneath one of the tree’s roots. This is the final Metal Beast.
The location of Metal Beast #3

Now you have 3 Metal Beast, the Baron and Eddie return to the Post they set up, victorious … not really. If you were listening to the Baron while riding around, he mentioned the Zaulia, the companions and protectors of the Metal Beasts. A group of them suddenly appear and take our Band captive. The scene breaks and now we find Eddie, Baron and Lita trapped by the Zaulia. He tries to recruit them, but this fails and a wall of fire is set up to burn everyone there. Things just look bad at this point, as that fire will instantly kill you, but you will notice the monument just behind you in the cutscene. If you run around it a bit, you will notice it reacts like the Relic Vine. Lay out a Relic Raiser solo to save everyone in a go.

This cutscene shows that at least Eddie’s Dad is from their time, Riggnarok, the leader of the Black Tear Rebellion. He also helped the Zaulia learn to ride the Metal Beast. Eddie will now successfully manage to recruit the Zaulia into their ranks.

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