Follow the route on the map, when you arrive a little scene with the Kill Master playing bass over Lars will ensue. Now, time flashes forward three months. Next though, is a stage battle. Take out the Bride first, the woman in the gown holding the umbrella, she is slowing down your movement and your attacks. By attacking her you will get struck by lightning but nothing too damaging. After that, rip of a Face Melter or Battle Cry to shift things in your favor. Kill off these enemy units, Grave Diggers, so you can bust out the Fan tribute solo. This battle is going to be more defensive than anything, but it is pretty simple to pull off a win still. Mangus will always call out when the enemy is attacking. After a good number of waves, a cutscene will ensue, revealing bikers, The Fire Barons. Now, go all out on the assault, this is the last wave.

After the battle, it is revealed that Ophelia is the leader of this new enemy. They also hear that Doviculus unsealed the Sea of Black tears just after the death of Lionwhyte.

Motor Forge unlocked: Emperor Doviculus Effigy, Performance Overkill, A Touch Too Much Armor, Heat Seeker, Bolt Thrower, Subwoofer

Secondary Missions: if you finished all the Overslaughter in the original area, the Hunt Master will appear again, another Fletus race is revealed, and more of the Death Rack and Iron Heade Sneak Attacks.

If you follow the trail to the marker, you will see the bridge is out, however, the Relic Vine is present, so bust out the Relic Raiser Solo to get some way across. This will lead to reveal of the Drowned Ophelia. She unfortunately, after your conversation will destroy the bridge. Next though, you need to return to Bladehenge to get a lot of scaffolding in order to patch up and cross the now twice ruined bridge.

Once you make it back to the original area, Eddie makes a comment on the weather and Lita says the Coil has infested the lands. When you make it Bladehenge, a cutscene will start, Eddie will promise that they will retake Bladehenge in time. For the immediate future though, they just go for the scaffolding they need to cross the bridge and continue their pursuit of Ophelia, headed toward the Sea of Black Tears. Just as they crew finishes loading up the scaffolding, the Tainted Coil notices they are there. Time to protect the Tour Bus again.

Almost from the start, you need to deal with the Tick Choppers, Mangus calls for help on the Driver’s side. A short while later, more will attack from the left side. The attacks relent a bit once you get through these, letting to cross the Cleave without any real trouble. The Tick Choppers reappear once you hit Lionwhyte’s Pleasure Dome, so get your fingers ready. When you get onto the snowy area of Death’s Clutch, there will be Tick Choppers coming from behind, and a few in front on the right side. This is followed with some more from the front and behind. They will keep coming for a good while though, so keep fighting. This will last all the way to the goal, so blow those Tick Choppers sky high with your weapons and make them regret messing with Iron heade.

You will make your way across the newly constructed bridge. Eddie will caution about being stealthy before a scream erupts from the Jungle. The Fire Baron regards it simply as bad.

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