Motor Forge Unlocked: Paint Jobs – Ace of Hades, Wagon of Bones

Once again, you will need to talk to Mangus to get the ball rolling and the show on the road to face down Doviculus. Once you do however, things are not going to go all that smoothly. The way through is blocked by Lionwhyte’s house, but there is an old aqueduct that Ophelia points out, Lita give her grief as a route to the Sea of Black Tears is also there. Mangus has his own concerns with the Fire Barons, but Ophelia says the old Pyromaniacs are long gone. Eddie puts an end to the argument when you want to continue on.

Lita and Lars will start to have a little chat. Unfortunately, Doviculus decides to show up at this point, rendering most everyone speechless. He comes down and begins talking to the famed Succoria. He reveals why they allowed Lionwhyte his “colony”. He asks her why she has taken up the human’s cause, as she was to spy on them, not join them. This is when Ophelia’s sword is produced, and he throws it into the ground. Doviculus continues on, prodding Succoria to wage war against him, and that she should leave the human dogs, so that they many cleanse the stench of them from her. Lars has had enough at this point and does something rather rash… only a little time to deal with things before everyone has to run as Doviculus has called down creatures that will destroy the remains of the Pleasure Dome.

This part takes some trial and error to figure out without a guide like this. Just take off straight ahead, but shortly after you get down to the second tier, hang left and lead it into a wide U-turn. You should be going back up, on a different set of stairs now. Dodge the few things trying to smash you, drive through the window, through the room, up the ramp, through the second room, jump off the second story of the building destroying part of the statue of Lionwhyte. Keep going straight, but once you get back onto the Pleasure Dome’s floor, turn left and follow it shortly with a right to go down the far set of stairs. Start going right again after you make it down these then take the first left to go down another set of stairs. Make a right at the bottom of these steps. Feel free to hit the ramp and jump, just keep to the right. Follow this wavy route out.

Just after you clear out the area, it is obvious that tension is high between Eddie, Ophelia and Lita. Considering Lita will be standing in the middle of the road, point her glaive right at you, bad times. The two fight, resulting in Lita disarming Ophelia. Eddie stops Lita from killing her though and convinces Lita to wait while he talks to Ophelia. It is clear Eddie thinks Ophelia is Doviculus’ spy, and wants to know who this “Succoria” is. Ophelia will not tell him, saying she is protecting him. This ends on a sad note, as Eddie walks away from Ophelia.

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