Motor Forge Unlocked: Paint Jobs: Stock, Chrome Vengeance, The Valkyrie
A single new Iron Heade Sneak Attack

Talk to Mangus, who has the Light shining on him. Once you agree, it will be time to start the Rock Show. This round is a bit trickier but still possible, especially with very aggressive strategies. You have 2 (soon to be 3) new units, however, you need to upgrade the stage to be able to load them. Get the essential forces out and be ready to just begin your assault.
*If you are pursuing the achievement for doing all the Double-team attacks in Iron Heade, you will want to team up with Lars if you have not done so already.

Lionwhyte’s forces at this point will mirror your own, down to the Skull Splitter, albeit, the Hair Splitter. However, an aggressive assault won’t allow him the time to build up units as Lionwhyte needs fans too.

It is very possible to summon a few units and then do the upgrade. You will want to fight while it is upgrading though, as it does takes a bit to do so. A short while in, Mangus will get in touch with you and let you know about your new unit, the Skull splitter, a memento from the Cleave. These are vicious, if slow, units that will decimate anything in front of them. One or two is good, but more than that and they take up quite a notable load.

A good strategy for this stage is to take advantage of the fact it is tiered. Think of it as breaking down the conquest into smaller parts. Advance, defend, advance, etc. The idea is to cut out Lionwhyte’s Fan base and make it yours. Any time you are dealing with Towers, it is best to send Roadies into the fray first, but stay close by with your Razor Girls, Head Bangers, Bouncers etc, in case the Roadies need some back up. So target with the Heavenly Light, attack with the Roadies, bring in the main force. Rinse and repeat all the way to the Top.

At the top you will see two towers guarding the gate. If you have the riff for Rally Army and Rally Point, change your Rally Point to a location near the top of the area. This will simply make it easier to replace units if any are destroyed. You want to destroy that gate to end the level. You should target the towers, one at a time with the Light, and send Roadies at them to destroy them. Once one or both are down, send everyone at the gate. Lionwhyte will still be making some units, but with all your forces there, he does not stand a chance.

In the end, the Pleasure Dome begins to crumble and a Mirror will see to Lionwhyte once and for all. It will be dubbed time to deal with Dovliculus.