Motor Forge Unlocked: Double Nitro, Performance Upgrade, Even More Armor, Missle Launcher, Mine Dropper

Now that the roadies got the Amps, it is time to return to the Cleave. Once you have talked to the Roadie standing in the Light of the Rock Gods a cutscene will occur. A trollusk will walk into the Cleave and get impaled. Eddie can be seen clear as day, but the new roadies on the other hand are quite hard to make out. Summon the Heavenly light (R-bumper) and get to over the first Impaler Tower. Next, head over to the roadies and hit Right on the D-pad to send them to the light and take out the first tower. Another cutscene occurs where the next Impaler is shown on the Wall. Only by using the Double-team can Eddie and the Roadies make their way past these towers. The goal now is to find the control booth and shut it down. Just keep walking forward. You will see it up ahead. It is not necessary to get too close to it, just close enough that the Double-attack from the Roadies will get the Chandeliers to fall. The walls around the control booth will fall down, letting more people advance. The first part of the Cleave is done.

After the cutscene, you see another Tower that can be attacked from the ground. This time though, Eddie has more than just the Roadies around him. Illuminate it with the Heavenly Light, just like last time and learn about how to give special assignments. You learn a new way of commanding your troops, by holding “Y” you can select a specific kind of unit. In this case among the Roadies, Head Bangers and important NPC, you’ll want to hold “Y” near the Roadies, hit Right on the D-pad and release “Y” to send the Roadies at the next tower. Get ready for a fight because once the tower is destroyed a group of Lionwhyte’s men will attack backed up by some of Doviculus’ force. Kill them all. You know you are done killing things when one of the girls says “Look at the banner!”

This banner pokes at Eddie and Lars (with Lars for some more interesting results … talk to him after to find out what). Eddie tells Lars not to let it get to him. Lita takes another stab at Ophelia, who reveals that people think she, like her parents before, is a Tear Drinker, someone who they cannot trust. Eddie will do something kind for her, showing trust to her. After this, it is time to prepare for another stage battle, thankfully, the last one against Lionwhyte.

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