Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Factions Walkthrough Part 14 – The Travelers Part 7: Thick as Thieves

Travel to Sun Camp and head to the southwestern corner. There you will find the grave the Grim told you about that will take you to the Hierophant's Den. Once inside you will find Crilgarin to the south and Argine very close to your entry point. She can be ignored but it does offer a nice conversation and you can either side with her or tell her you will not betray Grim. Even if you tell her that you will not betray him, she will give you the key to the Eastern Wing of the Court where they will have their meeting. You have time to make your choice, but for now, continue on to Crilgarin.

Crilgarin will tell you about the Watcher and you can choose to either tell her the truth that Argine contacted you or just lie. If you tell her the truth, she will tell you that the key you have can be used to also reach Argine just as it could lead you to Grim. Ask about the trap and she will explain how to deal with the Guardian in the coming passage. To blind it, you must extinguish all the torches in its room and she knows just how. You need to steal a bag of winds from one of the nearby guards.

Head into the next room and deal with the six guards that are in this room. Turn south after that, going through that passage. When you reach the next room, there are four guards. You can easily slip by with proper timing or engage them in combat and kill them all. Either way, head up the stairs on the southern wall and head west. Follow this passage to the next chamber where you will find the guard with a Bag of Winds. Again, either you can pickpocket him or kill him to get the Bag of Winds. Now head back to the large chamber and go to the east from it then turn north.

When you reach the next chamber, stop immediately. The Watcher has a keen eye and you do not want to go very far forward. Stop at the entrance and use the Bag of Winds at the Marker. This will put out the flames, preventing the Watcher from sounding the alarm. It will, however, summon three guards for you to deal with. A quick fight and you are through to the next passageway.

Just head on north and you will arrive at your next destination. Here is where you make the choice, either Grim, to the East or Argine to the West.

Eastern Wing – Grim:
Head down to the large chamber. There are four guards that need to be dealt with. Head east out of that room into the passageway. You will find Grim talking with someone. The best way to plant the Missives on him and get away is sneaking up, planting them, then using a Potion of Phasewalking to make your get away by jumping down,with the jump point behind some pots you need to break, onto the nearby passage below.

If Grim goes hostile and attacks you with three Gnomish Sentries. Grim comes at you with a Bow and the Sentries with swords. The Sentries will not go down when you drain their health and Grim will not stay dead if you do kill him. Jumping down is the only way to continue on in this quest.

Once you jump down, head to the north and through the door. You will find three Gnomish Sentries who are coming at you and the body of Phasmer.

Continue north to the next chamber to get involved in another fight between the guards and Sentries. You will find Criglian's body in this room. Continue on to the north. You will find Argine there who asks you to escort her out. Now, the guards will be on your side. In the follow chamber you will find three Gnomish Sentries to deal with. Kill them and head on forward, up the stairs on either side, to escape. Argin will give you the Shadowskin Armor set for helping her out of there.

Western Wing – Argine:
Head through the door and you have a good six guards to deal with. Either sneak by or just kill them all. Head north from that chamber to the next one. There are three more guards between you and the Hierophant so be ready. Kill them, plant the missives on Argine and jump off the ledge behind the pots.

Dash up the slope to the door above. You will find Phasmer and three Sentries which go hostile shortly after you pass through. Defeat them and head into the next room. There you will find Crilgarin dealing with at least three Gnomish Sentries. Defeat them and head on up the stairs to find Grim. He tells you it is time to run to escape. Finish the dash across the bridge into the next chamber where a fight has broken out. There are Gnomish Sentries and Guards engaged and they will come after your group. Finish off the ground and head up the stairs with everyone to complete the quest. Grim will reward you with the Shadowskin Armor set.

For all this, you have two choices, to side with Grim or Argine. Whoever you choose determines your Twist of Fate:
Siding with Grim gives you The Chariot:
+1 Finesse Abilities
+6% Piercing Damage

Siding with Argine gives you Temperance:
+1 Finesse Abilities
+6% Evade Chance