Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Factions Walkthrough Part 13 – The Travelers Part 6: The Purloined Letters

Head into Adessa and down into the Isles. The Livrarium is all the way in the back of the Isles. Once inside, just head down the steps to the right and you will see Phasmer just north of them. Talk with him and you will learn that the Missives of Sable need to be covered with the Shroud of Omission to make the Gnomes forget about it long enough for you to get it to where it needs to go. Learn what you need to by talking with Phasmer. When you are ready, tell him so and he will tell you to go through the floor grate that is just to his left. Go on through.

Once inside, you have hostiles in the surrounding area but nothing immediate. Be sure to kill and loot at least one of the Sentries. You will find the letter, “Reminder to Initiates”. This contains a potentially important hint as to how you will be opening chests around here. You want to head to the north, into the chamber above you then turn west and find the Forbidden Hall Keymaster. Kill or pickpocket him to get the Vault Key, which you will need to even get close to the Missives. Now head to the east and approach the door. You will open it with the vault key.

Head on forward, dealing with the two Sentries as you would please. Head south, through the door to find a single sentry. Everything else in the “room” is a floor down. Head through the eastern doors from this room. You need to collect a few more keys. You will find a pair for Forbidden Hall Keymaster to the west and Giants Rats in the room directly below you. After you deal with the Keymasters, pull the lever to the right of the door leading back to the chamber you started in to gain access to it. Collect everything you want in this pass then continue to the southeastern passage.

Keystone Braizer Puzzle:
Once inside this area, head to the west as soon as you can. This puts you in the Keystone Brazier Room. This is a devious little puzzle to solve: You need to choose a  Keystone Brazier to start from and then move in a circle going either clockwise or counter-clockwise. From there, move from Keystone Brazier to Brazier and light each one in turn. Move slowly as you can interact with every Keystone Bazier but the game sometimes takes a moment to realize what you are doing. When you complete the circle you will get a message telling you the ward around the chest has been dispelled. Now go to the chest and collect the Vault Key inside. Now head to the west, through the door, using the Vault Key.

Missive of Sable
In this room you can finally claim the Missives of Sable. First though, there is a pair of Sentries around that need to be dealt with. You can either sneak past them or just kill them. After that, you will find the book and wrap it in the Shroud of Omission. Time to make your escape.

When you return to the Keystone Room, you will be attacked by six Gnome Guards. Deal with them then start to the north. When you get to the northern edge of the Forbidden Annex, you will want to head to the Northeastern corner to find a ladder up to the Forums. Just head outside from there.

Now you need to take the Missives to Grim. Head back to the Wall and head for the Hospitalis Quarters.