Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Factions Walkthrough Part 12 - The Travelers Part 5: Outside The Box, Classic Misdirection

Outside The Box
While Grim works at a way of tracking down the Hierophant herself, you need to play nice with the rest of the Travelers. Head for Sun Camp in Apotyre. Be sure to explore the wooden walkway to find Harriset Donnel to get the task, “Tinker's Task”. He wants Iron components, which are not too hard to come by.

Now head down the back to find Argine, Queen of Staves. Ask her for work and she will direct you to the Hierophant Shrine. She will send you after the Master's Pick in Adessa. It is owned by Eloren Criet.

Head into Adessa and into the Laboratories. Go up to the second floor and there you will find Eloren. Pick her pocket to find a Notice of Seizure that places the Master's Pick in the Armory. Time to head there.

The Armory is nearby, just around the corner. The thing about the Armory is you are simply not supposed to be in there. Sneaking in mandatory to make it all the way through easily (or a few phasewalking potions) The item is in the final chamber, right alcove. Grab it and then it is time to return to Sun Camp

Once you arrive, talk with Argine. She will notice the note and instruct you to head for this exiled gnome's laboratory. You will find it inside the Motus Mining Headquarters.

At Motus Mining Headquarters, which is to the northwest of Sun Camp, you need to sneak down the stairs straight back from the entrance. You will find the door to the laboratory locked (Hard difficulty) but it should not be too difficult for a well versed Traveler now would it? Pick it and head inside.

Head forward and down the stairs, through the winding corridor. When you reach the first chamber you will encounter a pair of Faer Gorta Sentinels. Defeat them and four more Faer Gorta will appear. Once you defeat all of them you can easily make it to the back of the Laboratory. There you will find the Arrivus engine. It will remove the ornate box, but it will break the Master's Pick! Well, the job is done so head back to Sun Camp and report in. Argine will be confused by the events that are beginning to surround you, as you return with a broken pick and the job is clearly a failure.

Classic Misdirection
After you talk with Argine, pray the Heirophant's Shrine and get your next assignment to get Maun Cointaker to give you the key to his horde. Convict's Cavern is right next to Motus Mining Headquarters, so fast travel there and head east to get in. Head down the slope and look into the second cell on the left. Talk with him to get the first part of the key. The rest of the key is found in Snaketail Grotto, head by two opposing factions, the Zungar and Darkvari. Head down to the river and follow it to the north to reach the Grotto. Deal with any of the opposing outside and then head in.

Once inside, you will find a number of corpses to loot. Now head to the west and deal with the large group of  Zungar and Darkvari outlaws. Kill them (or wait for them to kill each other and mop up the survivors) and head south and west. You will find a downward slope to the west, there you can find a path leading downwards and south. Straight to the south you will find a group of three Zungar Outlaws who have part of the key.

Now head to the west and turn south to find a large group of Darkvari and Zungar Outlaws fighting. Again, either wait it out or just slaughter them both. Head a little farther south and you will find the second part of the key, guarded by another group of feuding outlaws. Deal with them and then break into the chest (it has an average strength lock on it) for some treasure. The chest without the lock has the third key you need to get into the horde. It is the one in the southwestern corner of that room.

With the three keys, head back to the previous chamber. On the western wall you will find the locked door to the Horde. Use the keys and inspect any pile of loot to see it is just brass and beads. Loot the chest in the back of the room to find his note. Collect the note and return to the entrance. You will find Grim Onwig waiting for you there. He will explain that he has found the location of the Missive of Sable. It is time to call out the Hierophant and put it to the test. He explains that the missives of Sable in the Vaults below the Livrarium. Time for some solid sneaking.