Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough Part 27 – Drowned Forest and the Keening Sidequest

Just as you enter from the Cursewoods, you will find the Alfar camp. There you will meet Sinon Carrag who gives you the quest “Spawning Pools”. Now head west from the Alfar Camp. Keep to the road as a ways out and a little to the south of the road you will find Ariel Perien who will give you the quest, “Artifacts and Castles”. These two stack together very well, so it is recommended to do them together.

Once you finish those quest, head to the east and into the Keening. Just as you arrive you will find Liordran who gives the quest, “True To The Cycle”. Now continue to the east, going up the slope. You will find a camp with Tuatha and Jottun. Kill them then talk with Audra Firan who is in a cage. She gives the quest , “Withcknight of Ghennig”.

Spawning Pools
At least finding the Banshaen is easy. They are to the west as Sinon described. Two are along the northern edge while the third is in the southwest corner. The one farthest west also has the target for “Artifacts and Castles”, thus making it easy to complete both at once. The third one is along the southwestern edge, below Bonnlach, near the Santuary Grotto.

Artifacts and Castles
Head north and a little west to find the spawning pool where her porter was dug and killed. There are a number of Murghan and one Banshaen as well. Defeat them all and claim what you can from Deod. After that head south to Bonnlach. Ariel is waiting just outside the entrance for you. Give her the pack and she will head on inside and ask you to follow. Head east with her to move forward. Just after the first chamber you will find a group of Elite Murghan and a Banshaen Priestess. Once they are all dead, head to the south through the door. Beyond that is a corridor turning east that leads through to the next chamber. Be sure to explore as there is a chest behind a number of pots in the first southern alcove. In that chamber you will encounter a Banshaen Priestess and a few Murghans. Now turn south and follow that passage, which will bend to the east. When it turns North, expect to find a Murghan there. Kill it then head for the door to the east. Keep going to the east and you will shortly arrive at the library. Collect the ancient artifact and she will gladly pay you for your efforts. Just head on out after any additional exploring that you feel inclined to do.

True To The Cycle
Head to the south and seek the pointed little grove. You will likely encounter a good number of Tuatha, Sprites and a few Bog Threshes along the way. Once you get close to the site, you will find yourself facing down a Niskaru Horrinox and a Hunter. The Horrinox seems to be little different than the Tyrant in its patterns so watch out for reach attacks and its charge burst attack.

Once inside Rahnil, head south, but turn west as soon as you can. That leads to a small chamber with a Bog Thresh and three hidden Spites in it. Defeat them all and turn east again. In the chamber there you will encounter four Boggart Zealots. Bear to the northeast after that fight. Here you will encounter three more Boggart Zealots and a Bog Thresh. Beat them and head to the northern corner of the glen. There you will find the altar that you are seeking. When you reach its chamber you will be attacked by four Sprites. One of them is a Storm Champion and the other is a Frost Champion. Defeat them then place the ring on the Altar. Head southeast out of the chamber to use the shortcut out. Just know there are three Arcane Barghest waiting for you before the jump. When you get outside Liordran is there waiting for you. Just talk with him to finish out the quest.

Witchknight of Ghennig
Head to the northwest to find the Runelord with the key. Defeat him and his two Brutes to get the key. Now return to Audra. Free her and it is time to go hunting for the Witchknight hiding inside Ghennig, the Keep above. Dash up the slope, dealing with any Jottun and Tuatha in your way to reach the door there.

Once inside, she will approach you and check if you are ready. Head on once you are. Start going south, through the doorway there. It will open automatically, revealing a Jottun Chieftain. Kill him and head up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, you will be fighting two Jottun Warriors and a Runelord. After they are dealt with, go to the east and follow that passage northwards. You will encounter a Jottun Chieftain and Warlord in it so be warned. Beat them and head through the door to the north. At the top of the stairs you will find the Witchknight waiting with three Jottun Guards. Defeat them all with a well timed Fateshift to Reckoning mode and everything will die quickly. Loot the Witchknight's body to get some nice weapons and it is time to go. Talk with Audra to finish the quest.