Before you head out on any new missions, you should begin to build the foundations of relationships with your fellow squad-mates and rekindle your relationship with Liara. First, head to your private terminal by the galactic map. You’ll notice a few minor changes to the layout of the ship, but overall most of it will be the same as it was in Mass Effect 2. The galactic map will be in the same location as always. Sift through your emails, including one from Liara.

When you’re done, turn to the right and speak with Specialist Traynor. As usual, if you have any intention of developing a friendship with this character, keep your speech friendly and empathetic, rather than dry and professional. After this conversation, enter the elevator and head to the Engineering Deck. Here you will find Engineer Adams, back on the Normandy after a brief stint away during your employment with Cerberus. If you take an understanding approach to his opinions on your employment with Cerberus, you will gain a few reputation points. On the lower level of the Engineering Deck, you can find a few trinkets to collect. A Sovereign Model Ship sits on the table downstairs, and a Turian Cruiser is stashed in a chest in the hold. Head back to the elevator, as there is nothing else on this floor right now.

Go to the Crew Deck and enter the room behind you and to the left (the same room that Miranda stayed in during Mass Effect 2.) You will find Liara here, along with Glyph, her personal AI companion. Use the terminal to the right to access intel that Liara has collected as the Shadow Broker. Speak with Liara afterwards. You can also call her into your room on the upper floor, where she will ask you for advice on a project that she has been developing. Let her decide on your appearance in the project if you want to pursue a romantic relationship with her. Head to the Life Support area on the Crew Deck to find a Destiny Ascension Model.

Nearby, you can also speak with whichever doctor you chose to bring along with you. This serves as a measurement of your Paragon or Renegade status, as the doctor will inform you that you can begin developing scars again if you lean towards Renegade, or that you can clear your face of the scars by leaning Paragon.

Finally, head all the way down to the Shuttle Bay. Talk with Lieutenant Cortez by the console to learn about the various vehicles that have been and will be at your disposal. From here, head to James and turn to the right. Grab the Normandy SR-1 model and speak with James. He will ask if you can “dance” while you talk. Accept his offer to learn a bit more about the soldier. During your battle, be on the lookout for Paragon and Renegade interrupt options to either lash out or defend yourself. If you act flirtatiously, you can invite him up to your room afterwards. Instead of returning your flirting, though, he will merely ask for career advice.