Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Factions Walkthrough Part 10 – The Travelers Part 3 – Something Borrowed and Going Rogue

Head into Moon Camp. If you talk with Vulgar Donnoh, he will give you the task, “Sartorial Splendor”.  After that, talk with Irion to move forward with the Travelers quest.

Something Borrowed
Chalice of Forced Vintage
Found in Lower Rathir in the Seaform tavern on Veinrich. Inside the tavern you need to head upstairs. There you will find Veinrich the Peddler. You can either talk him out of it or just swipe it off him

Signet Ring of Wyvyrn-Grirfe
You will found it in Upper Rathir. It is on Lord Ebsol. Once inside,  you must either wait for him to go to bed or use a phasewalk potion to steal the ring. He will also head outside at a point. Follow and he will be praying, but again, the Phasewalk potion will give you the greatest chance of success.

Cowl of the Maiden
Found in the Temple of Lyria, you must seek it out out Moire. With good persuasion you can simply collect it from her and resolve the differences between them. It is a lot easier than sneaking through and pinching it off her.

Now head back to Moon Camp and to Irion. You will get an Iron Ring for your efforts

Sartorial Splendor
He will buy Peasant Clothes for better than what you are likely getting from Merchants. Not a bad way to clear out the odd bits. This covers Peasant's and Farmer's clothing.

Going Rogue
You need to steal an Amulet in Rithen. Leave camp and head southeast. The Tower is just to the north of Culn. Head inside. You will find Humm just inside and he explains that he has found a lever that seems to work for your side of the tower. Head east into the big chamber. At first it just looks like there are two. Engage them and five more will appear. It is a mix of Freemen Mages and Assassins so be ready to take some punishment. Deal with all of them then head down the corridor to the north. You will find Humm again who asks you to find a lever. It at the end of the corridor you are in. Pull it to let him move forward. Turn to the east and head down the corridor. You will find another Freeman Deserter. Unfortunately, you kill her and four more Freemen come at you, two fighters and two mages. In the chamber beyond them, you will find a room with many spiked traps on the floor. Humm will tell you that he cannot find a lever so it must be on your side. In along the eastern wall to find it. This sets a number of Freemen after Humm. He can get away, do not worry.

Head south int othe next large chamber and deal with the Freeman Deserters there. Continue to the south to find Humm again. Stand on the marked switch to open the way to the amulet. Humm will grab it and be cursed. Well, head for the entrance. On the first landing there is another pair of Freemen Deserters. Deal with them and start up the stairs. Move carefully as there are active traps all over them. Just time your movements right and it will be easy enough to make it up there. For the later ones, it is easier to dodge past the blades than run by.

At entrance you will find Grim Onwig. He reveals that he has been seeking knowledge on the Heirophant. He reveals that he knows how to break the curse on the Amulet. He will lead yopu back to Humm. The good news is that the return trip is without the blade traps you dealt with on the way up. Use the shard on Humm to free him. Now talk with Onwig again. He offers to give some retribution to the Heirophant for everything “she” has done.