Brutal Legend - Assault on Battersmith, To the Screaming Wall.

Motor forge Unlocked Items: Guardian of Metal Effigy, Special Attacks: Rock Kick, Roman Candle,

Before you start into Battletime, take your time exploring the area. You can find a nearby Motor forge (helpful for the new unlocks), as well as 2 Tab Slabs relating to Stage Battles, letting you play a solo to set the Rally Point for your troops and one to call your army directly to you. There are of course some Bound Serpents (check the Waterfall) and at least 1 Viewfinder if you need some quick Fire Tributes.

Once you say its time to Rock Battersmith two things happen: 1) A new creature appears: A Leech, a very large flying creature that will clamp down on the Fan Geyser. To gain the fans, these things must die. 2) Eddie will topple over from the pain in his back and then sprout Demon Wings. Ophelia says that the Druids in the Temple of Ormagoden are known for using Demon Poison and this is apparently one of the effects, before it destroys your brain. Ophelia will then hope that her parents were wrong about something.

After the cut scene is some time to get used to your new wings and the new mechanics are explained. Pressing the R Thumbstick will get Eddie to sprout his wings and take flight. You can use the L and R triggers to Lower and Raise in altitude. This also adds a new command, making a Heavenly Light appear, which you can use to target things, then use the D-pad (Right) to send your troops after the illuminated target. When you want Eddie to land, just press on the R Thumbstick again.
You want to take advantage of your new wings to get to Lionwhyte’s Ramparts and take out the Cannon so your troops can (somewhat) safely advance.
You will want to quick destroy and take all the fan geysers. After that, build up a strong force and lay waste to the door blocking your way onward to the Cleave. Be sure to keep an eye out for Lionwhyte. He is decently hard to miss as he sings opposed to rocking and wears very bright colors (almost eye watering honestly). Still, some tasty riffs from Clementine and love from the Separator and he will take to the skies and clear out, leaving you to deal with whatever else is on the ground.

Once the battle is over, you will gain the Bouncers to your ranks for your next Stage Battle (mostly because Lionwhyte fired them). Another group will also appear, Roadies, who excel at sneaking around. Both these are quite valuable units and should be something to look forward to. First though, the Roadies need something to help them attack, Ophelia suggest going to the Screaming Wall where they can get some serious Amps.

Metal Forge Unlocks: Lita Halford Effigy, Destroyers Guitar Strings, Shredder Guitar Strings.
New Secondary Missions are also available; this includes Summon Fiery Death, with Kyle Gass as the Bouncer.
Drop the Deuce into action, and check the map. The Screaming Wall is remarkably close, so this is not going to be long. Head Northwest to the trailhead for the Wall. This is a fairly short mission, it just has some timing elements to it, to avoid incineration. Just remember, watch out for rock slides. And Seagulls … trust me. A cutscene a short way down the trail shows why you need to worry about Seagulls, because that leads to the lava being exposed. Once you cross the lava however (and Eddie said it was no problem) a group of Lionwhyte’s people attack.
After the group, you’ll reach another strip of lava and Lionwhyte will try to get the Bouncers to come back to his side with shiny new slimming uniforms. The Bouncers decline and then Lionwhyte flies back to rejoin his group. The lava cools, cross it and show Lionwhyte what Metal is all about.
After this, the mission is complete. Eddie has the Bouncers help him reach the Amps. Now you head back up. The problem is the gulls want to land on the Amps. Have Eddie hop up onto a Roadie with “Y”, whenever Gulls flock, you will want to hit “A” and watch them explode! After the second patch of harden lava, a group of Lionwhyte’s Bouncers will attack you. Fight what you can from your perch, soon a group of Razor Girls will appear and help you lay waste to the Bouncers. Take them out and finish up the trail. Now, Eddie’s own plan is revealed as the Tour bus is waiting for them near the trail head. A little kissing with Ophelia and the mission is complete. Time to head for the Cleave.