Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough Part 23 – Menetyre Sidequests

In the western part, coming in from Alserund, you will find Orsinian Paige. He has set up camp and looking for some aid with a Jottun problem. This gives you the quest, “Making Enemies”.

While in the southern area, head into the center and climb one of the plateau’s near it. There you will find Efyr Dynnwel who offers you the quest, “Time of Need”.

Making Enemies
Head to the southeast of Paige once you have the quest. Climb the plateau before you would head into Apotyre and head straight south from there to find the cave. Either kill or sneak past the guards to enter the cave.

Once inside, head to the north. Deal with the three Kobold Rogues in your way. Head through the door after that and continue north for a bit. Continue north through the next door you come to. Beyond it you will find some Kobolds farther down the tunnel. You will only see one nearby the totem, but kill it and three more will come at you. Your call there. Head into the next room and you can easily claim the totem … after you defeat its four guardians (or sneak right by them): Two Kobolds and two Kobold Nightblades. Once you claim the totem, head on out and back to Paige. He will task with killing three Jottun Chiefs and planting Kobold Daggers in their chests.

Head to the southeast and go up the entrance just before  Apotyre. This time head to the west and follow the path onto the plateau's. Start on the far east plateau and work your way west. The one on the east has two Chieftains in addition to the Chosen. The central platform has one who patrols. The one on the far west just moves around a little in that area. Take out the one in the far west first to make things easiest. After that, take out the one that is patrolling. With that you will likely face down two Jottun Chieftains. Once you finish dealing with them, head back to Paige. Paige will have relocated next to Efyr. Jump down twice to find him. At this point, the plan plays out nicely.

Time of Need
You need to gather three components for the Hermit, Efyr. He needs Spidersac Ichor, Fennwrac Leaf and Jottun Grist

Fennwrac Leaf
Head north of the plateau you found Efyr on. You will find it on the western side of the plateau in front of it.

Spidersac Ichor
Head down the plateau to the west. There you will be able to find the ichor quickly enough to the west of where you came in.

Jottun Grist
Head east of the Plateau that Efyr lives on. Head up the second pathway to find your way up to the Jottun encampment on the nearby plateau that is marked. As you turn toward the portion with the Jottuns watching the pot you need to deal with a Jottun Chieftain. Kill him and move forward. There are three Jottuns ahead of you now. Two are Warriors and one is a Runelord.

Collect all of these and return to Efyre. He will give you a number of shards for your efforts.