Brutal Legend – The Tour of Destruction

Motor Forge Unlocked: Mangus Effigy, Bloodlust Axe Treatment, Chain Lightning Axe Treatment

War has been declared on Lionwhyte. Attend to stuff you want to do (i.e. find Buried Metal or complete Secondary Quest) then talk to Mangus back at Bladehenge. Tell him to start the tour. You will now need to defend the bus as it heads to Battersmith. Note, you cannot start this mission until you have added at least the Machine Guns onto the Deuce (Side Burners are optional, but highly recommended). Eddie tells Mangus he’ll stop anything trying to take out the bus, of course the camera pans back and we see what looks like demons on motorcycles, Tick Choppers, ready to have attack you.

Once the bus is rolling the Tick Choppers will begin their assault. They are fast, but poorly armored, as the Machine gun will take them out after a few seconds. Listen to Mangus, as he will generally let you know of any groups attacking the bus quickly. I recommending hanging around behind the bus, it lets you cover 3 of the 4 main directions quickly. Move around, try to stay close to the bus and destroy everything that’s after your Band.

The first come from the right, slightly behind you. Relent on the gas for a moment and you should get them in sight, kill them then catch up with the bus. More will come from ahead on the left then just keep coming on that side. This will persist until you go through the underpass, then some will approach from behind then from ahead and on the left. There will be a massive wave of them shortly after you clear through the passes near the Lair of the Metal Queen that approach from a merging left and from behind. Kill the ones that appeared ahead first then do a quick stall to get behind the bus again and devastate all those behind it. When Mangus says “Hey Boss … I think we’re here” you have done it!

As the first escort mission, this is a bit tough, but it prepares you well for some of the others. This is one of the few that is relatively straight forward. It may take a few tries (especially on Brutal) to get through. A cutscene ensues that explains the setting for your next battle, the main barracks of Lionwyhte and the next area, the Cleave of the Impaler. Time to gear up and get ready for the next battle versus Lionwhyte.