Brutal Legend – The Razor Girls

New Metal Forge Items: Ophelia Effigy, Brawler Strings, Super Shaker Strings.

It’s time to head back to Bladehenge. When you get there, Kill Master is showing off the Thunderhog (the bike made from the Metal Queen) and reveals Ophelia after some nice bike work. She tells you, after Eddie says he likes watching her fight, to meet her at the Razor Fields. It is a solid rule of thumb to not keep a lady waiting. Still, this is a good time to explore some more, do some jumps, free some serpents (or Dragons) or find more Motor Forge or Buried Metal.

Once all that is done, head solidly North from Bladehedge, as always, check your map to see the exact location. When you get there, you will see Ophelia with a number of other women there. Now the real fun of this mission can begin. Ophelia wants to arm the women she has hidden here and the Razorfire Boars, when properly dissected, make a great ranged weapon. Eddie says he’ll drive them over toward her, and the Doctor will be nearby.

All this translates to: You are riding on the Kill Master’s Thunderhog. Your goal is to drive the boars into the area right in front of the stage and stun them. Herding the boars takes a moment to get used to. In general, the boars will break away from you, however, they do seem to naturally head toward the stage. You’ll want to swing down into the field, about the middle, do a sharp U-turn and drive toward the stage with Ophelia.

After about 3-4 Boars Ophelia will tell you to head back to Bladehenge for a Weapons demo. Drop the Deuce and head south!

You also unlock Weapons for the Deuce (at last!) as the Ride the Death Rake Secondary Missions are now available. I hope you have plenty of Fire Tributes saved up, because this is a great time to get some solid upgrades for the Deuce.
If you are hunting Razorfire Boars, use the Deuce now for it, with its weaponry those things are much more manageable.
Unlocked in the Motor Forge: Kill Master Effigy, Extra Nitro, Performance Package, Extra Armor, Machine Gun, Side Burners

When you get back, you get to the Razor Girls in action, showing off their weapons. The celebration is cut short when an alarm sounds. General Lionwhyte is coming! Eddie might not think about a fortress, but he can build a stage like none other. He tells Lars to bring an Engineer to the Northwest field. You need to head there. Yep, you are about to have your first Stage Battle.

Head out the main entrance to meet with Lars and co. Eddie says it is time to put on the best rock show ever. There is only one thing to do, agree (or wait).

While setting up the stage, Eddie notices Glowing People. After a bit of discussion, we find out these are Fans (aka Resources). You will be using these Fans to call in the loads of your Units in these stage battles. To do so, you need to be near them and play the “Fan Tribute” solo. This can only be done in Stage Battles and only when the Geyser is green (noting it is safe in the immediate area).

Now, you will be going through a little tutorial (of sorts) to be able to summon your units to the stage and onto the Battlefield. For Iron Heade, this is done by Eddie calling it in to Mangus, which is done with the Right Bumper. Point the Thumbstick at the Units you want and hit “A”. This mode of unit creation is pretty simple to use, even in the heat of battle. Summon the units the game tells you to then whatever you think you need for the last two. Once everything is summoned, Lionwhyte shows up and the battle begins.

Slaughter the initial wave. If you start to have trouble, Drop a Deuce Solo in there and make Road kill of the baddies (or just let the AI handle it). You know you are done with the first wave when there is a quick cutscene with Eddie acting like he got shot. Ophelia will ask him what’s wrong, and he complains about backpain. She looks but sees nothing there. Eddie remarks then he’ll feel better after he kills some dudes.

The next batch comes at 11’0 clock, followed by a wave at 10’0 clock. Kill them all with your Metal! If you have the Face Melter Solo and really want to see it work, these are great groups to be using it on. Just keep fighting on and the battle will end after a couple more waves. Mangus will call out the last wave with the announcement of a large number of Lionwhyte’s men coming at you. After all this, Lars gives a nice speech calling for Iron Heade to free every Man, Woman and Child from Lionwhyte. It is time to take the fight to Lionwhyte. Expect another stage battle soon.

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