New stuff is unlocked in the Motor Forge! Lars Effigy, Grabbed, Shock Bomb,

Ophelia is dying and Lars and Lita are arguing, NPC’s get to have all the fun sometimes. Eddie decides to head out on his own so check your map to get your bearings. Now you can summon the Deuce to cruise down the Mountain. Feel free to help the Head Bangers to earn some quick Fire Tributes. When you hit the bottom, turn left and then follow your Map to the lair of the Metal Queen.

Incidentally you will find a Motor Forge along the left side of the road at the bottom of the trail. I recommend picking up the Shock Bomb, it is a nice Area of Effect attack, which will be a great boon in the coming level. Further along the road, you will find a Tab Slab, again, I recommend getting it as it is Face Melter, another Area of Effect attack which usually has some tasty animations going along with it.

Keep along the road, heading for the Light of the Gods. The Tab Slab is right in front of the entrance to the Lair, when you see it, you know you are there. Again, you can choose to start now or later.

The door opens up and you find a passage. There are no real branches so just press down it. You will eventually be attacked by 4 Metal Spiders. They are fairly easy to dispatch, the Separator seems to do a little better than Clementine for now. Just after this, as you continue down the corridor, you see 2 egg sacs burst and a flood of little Spiders emerge. This will hurt a bit when given a chance but if you use the Earth Shaker to simply squash the problem. These are annoying as well because they will slow you down. Repeat as necessary as you advance. As you continue down the path a number of spiders will attack you, take care of them quickly and brutally. As you progress the number of spiders you encounter will increase quite drastically. When this starts happening, remember, you can always run away for a bit to regenerate some health and you can block the Spiders attacks very easily and it is easy to counter attack with any of Eddie’s attacks. Most times the Spider will clump up so Face Melter or the Shock Bomb will be very helpful. When you reach a very big room, you will encounter the Metal Queen

The Metal Queen
Seriously, that is a big spider that you need to deal with. Eddie, out of respect for the Metal Queen, opts to skip right to the beating. Now, this is a more skillful fight. You need to dodge the Metal Queen’s attacks until you hear her screech, see her eyes turn red, and a motor engine appears on her head: SHOCK and attack with the Seperator! After your assault she will climb one of the walls and send a number of Metal Spiders. She will not return to the ground until you defeat these spiders, so getting squishing. She will likely attack by unleasheing a horde of Egg Spiders, again, wait for a good number to be near/on you and use Earth Shaker. Keep attacking her when you can. After a few assaults she topples over.

Immediately, you get a cut scene where Eddie builds a motorcycle and you are given 1:30 to make it back to the Kill Master. Check your map carefully, this is not much time for the run. The controls are the same as the Deuce, complete with Nitro. The biggest change is that the Motorcycle has a much sharper turn radius, so be a little more gentle on them. As far a route goes, jet out of the Metal Queens lair, follow the road and keep to the right. The first right turn takes you to the trail for the Kill Master, the rest is just a matter of skill. Be sure to jam on the E. brake when you hit those last few turns to make them without losing too much speed.