Level 17
Drag and hold the wooden piece up to let the big beetle on the ceiling go through. Click on the red button second from right to lower the platform and stop the beetle on the button. The cart will move left. Drag the wooden piece below the snail to lower the platform. As the snail is about to board the card, press the button on top second to right to release the platform so that the beetle keeps moving. The beetle will release the button and the cart will now move to the right with Snail Bob on it

Level 18
Click on Bob to make him stop. Click on the lever to extend the a platform. Wait for all three snails to fall into the pit, then click on Bob again to make him move and he will walk over the snails. Click the lever again to release the platform

Level 19
When Snail Bob is on the wooden platform, press the button to start going up. As soon as he is about to hit the red laser targeting line, click on the level to drop the brick and block the path of the bullet.

Level 20
Click on Bob to stop him. Press on the lever to raise the platform. Hold the button on the left to extend another wooden platform. Wait for the blue snail to go through the blue portal and get abducted by the aliens. When the alien spaceship leaves, click on Snail Bob to move again.

Level 21
Click on the red button to open the curtains and start the snails band show. Then click on the second, third and fourth buttons until the curtain closes, and Snail Bob makes it to the edge of the screen and exits

Level 22
Notice two red buttons on top of the screen. After Snail Bob clears the first pressure pad, click the left button to secure the left plank. Wait for the caterpillar to clear the second pressure pad and click on the right button to secure the right plank. Have Snail Bob on the wooden platform. When the caterpillar is on the spring, press the button to launch the caterpillar onto the ceiling and hit the button. This will cause the wooden platform you are on to rise

Level 23
Snail Bob starts not moving. Click on the woodpecker so it chops the tree. Then drag the see saw left and right to saw off the wooden branch and bridge the gap. Have Snail Bob start moving, and as soon as he starts, click on the button near the boulder to release it and counter balance the plank so that Snail Bob can go through.

Level 24
As Snail Bob approaches the platform, he will stop. Press the lever to open both platforms. Press the red button to release one of the balls, but then press it again to block the way to second one. After ball clears first platform, press lever to close the platforms. Click on Bob to move and he will start pushing the ball uphill. Make sure platforms are closed and click on the button to release the other ball, which will weigh down on the pulley and raise the plank so that Bob can reach the exit

Level 25
This is the last level. You see you see your grandpa on the other side. But if you don;t have a gift he will kick you out. So click on Bob to make him not move. Notice the gift moving on the lower platform.  First, click the button on the center to lower the main platform between Bob and his grandfather. Then, click the button near to the right of the magnet to lower the magnet when the gift is below it. When it has the gift and is back up, click the button near the spring to lunge the gift to the right. The gift will end up on the bottom right corner of the screen. Use the springs to launch the gift up and then left so that it sits on the main platform, then raise the platform. Click on Bob again to make him move and push the gift towards grandpa.

You have beat Snail Bob 2! Congratulations!