The Kill Master’s Mercy

Drop a deuce and get back to Bladehenge. If you have not yet, find and raise a Motor Forge and I would strongly recommend checking your map, tracking down and starting the first Hunting Mission, maybe completing a race, or participating in a few Ambushes to building your Fire Tributes to unlock Guitar strings, Combos or Axe Treatments or to store up, you will have need of them soon enough.

Ophelia will come stumbling back, very badly wounded. After a comment of the girls already being free, Lars sets off to the Kill Master and Eddie is to follow. Take a look at your map, this place is a bit beyond the Mines where you recruited the Head Bangers. Set a course for the Kill Master.

The Kill Master
When you arrive, you will find Lars waiting at a trail head. He is being held off by Lionwhyte Loyalist. When Eddie agrees to help out, Lita joins up with a number of Head Bangers. Almost immediately, Hair Bangers show up and Eddie calls for a Mosh Pit, the Double Team attack with the Head Bangers. All of them will circle around Eddie and bang their heads, anything that comes near will get hit, hard and likely repeatedly. Press up the path, keep the Mosh Pit going to deal with the next set of Lionwhyte troops. A bit further up yield a new kind of enemy, 4-5 females beating on someone … any rate they will start throwing spears at you. The solution lies in Clementine, her Pyro attack, maybe followed by the Shocker, to get them off their platform into a range you can attack. Finish them with either weapon. Another ambush is head, which will turn into a two pronged attack, with a second wave of Hair Bangers and a pair of Bouncers. Be sure to keep Lars alive during these attacks as his survival is key to Ophelia getting healed. Not long after this, the party will give a cry out because of a Stampede of Razor Elk. The best thing to do here is call for a Mosh Pit and try to ride it out, Eddie is a bit better off on one of the sides though. Around the next bend you will find more of the Spear Throwers, so break out Clementine. While you are dealing with these, some more Hair Bangers will make an appearance. Once they are all dead it is briefly safe to move on up the mountain. Briefly, because not long after this fight you encounter another stampede, again, call for a Mosh Pit and break to the side. At the next bend is a repeat of the previous one, with Hair Bangers and now two sets of the Spear Females. Lars will now say you are almost there. Keep going up to meet the Kill Master.

A good cutscene will ensue and a new mission will be begin.

A summary is that Ophelia is too far gone for the strings the Kill Master has on hand. He needs thicker strings to do the job right. They only have a short while before she will die. Lita sets at Lars, and Eddie is left alone to deal with this dilemma. A good roadie knows when to haul butt, be a good roadie.

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