Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough Part 17 – Forsaken Plains Sidequests

Forsaken Plains West
As you are entering Emaire you will find Elrod Edman. He will give you the quest, “They Walk Among Us”.

Inside Emaire you will find a few quest. One is inside the Inn. Talk with Odwald Bynothas to gain the task, “Life's Work”.

Just outside town, to the north you will find a person coming in bleeding. With a good detect hidden you can call his bluff to get the truth out of him. Still, Edwin Hoswif will give you the quest, “Unlucky Charm”. Do note that once you get the charm, you are going to want to finish this quest else it is very likely the curses will kill you.

Life's Work
This task has you searching for four sets of notes on the Withering War. They are scattered throughout the plains but can be found easily enough over the course of exploration. Here is a break down of locations:
Aeweld's Notes: Scholia Arcana Library in Rathir
Dulstan's Notes: Inside the First Hidden Door of Mull-Rane in Forsaken Plains West (Requires Detect Hidden at 5+)
Kallas' Notes: At Abandoned Campsite west of Mull-Rane in Forsaken Plains West
Wildfrold's Notes: Inside Luminary Leaf in Rathi. You need to steal it so have good stealth of a potion of phasewalking!

Unlucky Charm
This is something best done immediately as you will be thwarted in many ways otherwise. Talk with Edwin's partner Gelf to get the Amulet. From there, set to the southeastern part of the Cradle of Summer to Syl. Just head there and try to avoid as many fights as you can.

Once inside Syl, head to the west. You have a small wolf pack of four to deal as you start into the depths. Loot the nearby chests then continue west. In the next chamber you have another pack of four wolves waiting for you. To the northwest there are more wolves, but while the amulet is cursed, it is best to leave them alone. Head to the northeast then start to the east and turn south when you can, jumping down to the passage below. As you start to the east, a group of three sprites will attack you. Defeat them efficiently to spare yourself much of the amulet's curse. The main concern is the Storm Champion in their midst. Defeat that one first and the rest will fall very quickly. In the next chamber another group of Sprites will attack you. This one has four in it, again one of them is a Storm Champion.

Once you reach the lower passage, there is only a short ways left to traverse. You will find a Bog Thresh and a pack of Boggart Zealots protecting your destination. Kill them swiftly and keep well healed! At the end of it, just go up to the altar to cleanse the amulet and you are done with it. Either you can return it to the thief who stole it, Edwin, or you can return it to the owner, Wane Emundas in Emaire. The choice is yours.

They Walk Among Us
Head to New Coln. There you will find one of the spies, Froma Tonwald. You can either kill her or persuade her, sparing her. Now head to the northern part of the Forsaken Plains, to the Refugee Camp. Talk with Nag Fendar. Again you can either talk with him or kill him. Now backtrack to Emaire and head into the Blue Bear Tavern. He is just inside the entryway. Now return to Elrod Edman to gain your reward

Cradle of Summer
Inside, somewhere, you will find Lila Janick wandering around. She will ask if you have seen any Sativa Fiber. From this you will  get the quest, “Sisterly Love”. There is another quest in the very center of the Cradle of Summer. You will undoubtly notice the circle of fae sitting around the tree. Talk with the marked one, Lord Callor, to get the quest, “Rivener Tarsus”

Sisterly Love
Head into the western part of the Cradle. There you will find a number of spiders. Just head over to the wall, killing them all to complete the quest. This earns you a discount with her and her sister.

Rivener Tarus
While you get the quest in the Cradle of Summer, most of it will happen out in the Forsaken Plains. First, travel to Emaire and go into the Hagni home in southwestern part of town. Inside there you will find the God Fang on the back wall to the right.

Next, head to the east, around the hills surrounding Emaire. You can use the jump point to the southeast of Emaire to quickly find Purta. She can be persuaded to give up the staff otherwise it gets more interesting.

Now head to the north and head into Mull-Rane. Inside there head to the west. Inside the main chamber in that part of the ruin you will find Erion Raff. You can either buy the staff off him for about 4,000 gold or just kill him for it

With all the piece, head over to the Emaire and use the forge behind the Tavern to make the staffs. First, salvage the staffs they are presently. Next, you need to craft each of the staffs, the River, Gloamfrost and Ender's Fire.
Rivener Tarsus Dowel + Shaft + Misc = Rivener Tarsus
Gloamfrost Dowel + Shaft + Misc = Gloamfrost
Ender's Fire Dowel + Shaft + Misc = Ender's Fire

With that completed, head back to the Cradle of Summer and talk with Lord Callor at the Deep Slumber.

Forsaken Plains East
In the very southern part of the plains you will find New Culn. There, talk with Lord Cras to get the quest, “The Treasures of Culn”.

In the northern part you will find the Refugee Camp. Talk with Ommar Vogard to get the quest, “Buried Alive”.

As you more to the northern part of the Forsaken Plains East, you will likely find Idwa Widfrond near the graveyard south of the Orieator's Tomb. She will give you the quest, “Raising the Dead”.

Buried Alive
Head northwest of the Refugee Camp to find the tomb that was mentioned. You will find the entrance to the tomb easily enough as it is at the top of the hill. Head north inside the tomb then, when you reach the first room, head over to the door. Turn around and opposite it you will find a Trap Lever you want to pull to head through the door safely. Head to the east after that and at the end of the tomb you will find the refugees. Talk with Lyra and she will be grateful for you turning off the traps. As you attempt to leave though four Faer Gorta will attack the group. Just wipe them out and return to Ommar for your reward.

The Treasure of Culn
Head into Bittercove. You have five pieces of treasure to recover, spread throughout the cove. Almost immediately you can find one of them, guarded by a trap. Disable the tripwire if able then collect the first piece of treasure.

Head to the east from there. Where the path turn to the southeast, you will find the second piece of treasure. This one has a trio of Kobolds around it. Defeat them and claim the painting.

Head to the south now. There are four more Kobolds in your way. Deal with them and take the next right you can to approach the next piece of treasure. This will turn out to be guarded by another four Kobolds and a bear trap in front of the chest. Loot it to get the Necklace.

Keep going to the south to find the next treasure. It has a tripwire and an arrow trap around it. Disable them or deal with them. Smash through the crates to get at the chest. You will find the box in this chest.

Head south into the next chamber. Time to deal with six of Kobolds. Defeat them to claim the Jade Urn and finish collecting them all.

After that, return to New Coln and you will be taken to Lord Cras's Private Horde where you will be able to gain one item. Of course it turns out that Urlik was ordered to kill you so Cras can get away with all of the treasure. With good persuasion you can prevent the fight and get a chance to get some revenge on Cras for ripping you off like that

Raising the Dead
She will ask you to search for the crudely marked grave. Head to the north of Idwa to find the first of the unmarked graves. Loot it then start making your way south, hanging to the eastern side of the Plains.

This grave is found in the southern passage between the eastern and western portions of the Forsaken Plains. Keep to the outside route and you will find it.

One of the grave is just to the east of New Culn along the southern edge of this side of the plains. This one is the proper grave. In it you will find a letter addressed to  Britt Hagni in Emaire village. You will find him in the southwestern house. With some persuasion you can get his rings and sell those,rat him out or you can just leave him be. The choice is yours.

Regardless, you need to talk with Idwa once you have the answer. Depending on what you chose, you can either give up Britt or keep the secret.