Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 15 – Red Marshes Sidequests

Head north from the Shine and make for Galette. En route you will encounter a strange merchant who is talking of the place being reduced to little more than a ruin. You will need to fight three mages to get into the town so hopefully you healed up en route.

Head into the burned out town. You will find Hreid Amelthoe by a cooking pot on the left. Talk with him to get the quest , “Worth Fighting For”. With solid second tier persuasion you can get a nice cut of the treasure but otherwise, good luck. Hreid will immediately start moving toward the quest location so keep on his heels.

After that, return to the village as there are a few more quest to do here. Talk with Colm Alba who is nearby Hreid to get the quest, “His Brother's Keeper”. Now talk with Eathe Dunbert to get “Her Righteous Fury”. Complete “His Brother's Keeper” first, as the game will not move forward with “Her Righteous Fury” while that quest is active (plus you need the Tomb key from it). Once you complete “Her Righteous Fury”, you will be given a new quest, “Into the Breach”.

Worth Fighting For
Head all the way to the river at the bottom of the canyon to find the entrance to the caverns you need to search. Inside Hreid suspects something is up and suggest clearing out some kobolds that are ahead. There are five of them who will go down easily enough in front of the two of you. Continue forward on Hried's trail. Do note there are two human corpses which could have easily been the mercenaries we heard about earlier.

Just as you go up the slope ahead you will encounter a single Kobold then a group of six of them. Just a little past them is a Kobold Nightblade. Once you beat them Hried will show concern for his friend. You will return to the first chamber. There he will ask you to find the mercenaries' bodies. You will find both in the second chamber. Bertsa is by the entrance to the chamber while Alser's is up the slope at the corner just as the path turns southwest.

Now return to the first chamber and open the door with Hreid. Since you have the map pieces, you can use the lever to get the door open. There is no need to punch in the sequence as it is automatic. Now you will need to deal with a wave of the Testament. There are two spearmen and one sorcerer. Deal with them quickly to claim the rewards both from Hreid and the treasures in the room you opened. Be sure to loot the room thoroughly. There are two loot piles behind crates so be sure to smash your way through to them. That will finish out the quest.

His Brother's Keeper
Head into the Tomb of Fyragnos that is just below the town. Head down the road and keep to the left to find the entrance. Head inside and go to the west. Deal with the giants that attack as you cross the bridge. Once on the other side, keep more to the center and continue moving to avoid the fire mines that are on the floor and the few bear traps that litter the area.

Once you reach the first chamber and start down the stairs, it is time to fight again. Three Kobolds will come at you. Deal with them and keep with Colm as he heads north. When the path turns to the east, two of Belen's Sorcerers will come at you. Defeat them and be sure to loot the nearby skeleton for some goodies before continuing to the east then turn south. Keep off center to the left to avoid bear traps and fire mines. Deal with the pair of kobolds in front of the door and head on through it to reemerge into the Red Marshes.

Once you are back on the surface you will see Gilan just ahead of you. You have three choices, to persaude him, kill him or attempt to help him. Do what you would like, but it is not a hard persuasion check. Unfortunately, this will always end in battle, so lay into him and make sure he dies quickly. He will summon the nearby dead to battle on his side so be ready for a massive combat as well. Defeat them all to learn of something more that is brewing in the area.

Her Righteous Fury
Head into the Tomb of Fyragnos that is just below the town. Head down the road and keep to the left to find the entrance. Head inside and go to the south. Follow Black Eathe, defeating what Kobolds and other monsters get in your way. Once you reach the T-intersection, you will turn east. There are three Kobolds in this area so deal with them quickly then head through the northern door after Eathe.

Back outside in the Red Marshes. Here the goal is to knock in five poisoned bodies. This battle will last until you do so do not worry about getting it the first time as you will have a more than ample supply of Testament members to kill and knock in there.

Into the Breach
Return to camp to begin this quest. You will see the three adventurers gathered in the center of camp. It is time to stop the coming if a Niskaru Lord, Fyragnos. Head back down into the tomb that is below the town and south. At the T-intersection turn west and open the door there. Follow it south and take the first turn east. Defeat the Belen Testament Sorcerers and Spearmen that are blocking your path as you head toward the southeast part of the complex. You will find another door, open it up and on the other side you will find a rigged door. Someone needs to stay, it can be anyone in the party from Hreid, Colm and Eathe. Whoever holds the door will very likely die but someone needs to be chosen. Head through the next chamber and back into the Red Marshes. There you will encounter Fyragnos itself.

As a Niskaru, be ready for a tough fight. Fyragnos will attack alone at first, but he will retreat behind a wall of fire once you have done a nice bit of damage. When he does this though you will face down a number of Blood Hunters. This will keep as a pattern for most of the fight. Once he is at half health, he will just come at you. Keep the pressure on and you will be victorious.