Oerba 300 AF has little of interest overall, outside of a series of Fragments that you must obtain by completing a large number of Temporal Rift puzzles. Some of the solutions to these puzzles, namely the Hands of Time puzzles, are a bit randomized, but the ones with definite solutions are covered in detail below.

Puzzles: Temporal Rifts

Rift One:

You can find this puzzle in the northwest corner of the Village Proper area.

This is a two-stage Hands of Time puzzle, and the solution is randomized. The only part that isn’t random is the number of hands on the clock in each round. The first stage will have five, while the second has six.

Rift Two:

This puzzle is found directly behind the Gate that you entered from.

This puzzle consists of three separate image-based Crystal Bonds puzzles. The first is an image of a Chocobo, the second a Flan, and the third a Microchu. The Chocobo is made up of a series of triangles stacked on top of each other, the first beginning at the top center square and proceeding diagonally outwards for two rows. The second begins in the middle square on the second row and ends on the diagonal squares below and to the left and right. The picture of the Flan begins at the top left corner, then proceeds to the center, down one, diagonally down and right one, and loops down and around the other side of the rectangular arena. Finally, the Microchu begins at the same top left square, proceeds right one, down one, right one, diagonally down and right one, then diagonally down and left one, left one, down one, diagonally up and left one, and up one. This will complete the picture. Be sure that the gems you collect for each one are all of the same color or the picture will not work.

Rift Three:

This Rift is located at the top of the steps leading to the beach.

This rift is a tile puzzle, where the tiles will disappear from underfoot after you have stepped on them. Remember, white tiles can be crossed twice before they vanish, while red tiles can only be crossed once. The solution to the first room of this puzzle is: up, left, left, up, up, right, right, down, right, down, up, right, up, up. This will get you to the second room, to which the solution is: up, right, right, up, up, left, up, down, down, left, left, left, left, down, right, up, right, up, up, left, left, right, right, up.

Rift Four:

Find this Rift up the stairs next to the second Rift. It will be behind the building here.

Rift four is a massive, five-tiered puzzle in which you must make pictures of different monsters using like-colored gems, just like the second Rift only much longer. The first image will be of a Yaksha, the second of an Apkallu, the third of a Ghast, the fourth of a Gandayaks, and the fifth of a Tonberry. The Yaksha is completed by beginning in the upper left corner, proceeding down and right one, down one, right one, up one, back down and right one, up and right one, and right one. Its tail is completed by running down and left from the center of its body, then down one and right two to end the tip. The Apkallu is completed by standing in the top center, then left one, down and left one, down two and right two, up and right one, up one, down and right one, and down two and left one.

The Ghast is completed by beginning in the top center. From here, head right one and down one, then go down and right one, down two and left one, and up two and left one, across the hole in the center of the area, on the ledge protruding over the edge. From this ledge, go left one, up one, and left and down two to finish the image. The Gandayaks begins in the lower left corner, from here, head up one, diagonally up and right one, and fill in the three squares surrounding this square on the top and right to form the body. From here, head up and to the right of the body to form the wing, then go down and fill in the lower right square and the square immediately to its left to finish the image. The fifth and final image begins with a right angle in the upper left corner. After filling in the three squares here, go down one and left one, then down one and right one, then down, right, right two and up, right, and up one and left two. This will complete the Tonberry.

Rift Five:

This Rift is closest to the first, as a point of comparison. From the first, go downstairs and around to find another staircase. Go to the bottom and use Moogle Hunt.

This is another Hands of Time puzzle, and thus it doesn’t have any set solutions.

Rift Six:

Go into the Ashensand area and use Moogle Hunt at the bottom of the staircase to find this Rift.

This is another Tile Trial puzzle. To complete the first room, head up, right, up, up, up, up, up, left, left, left, down, down, down, down, right, down, up, up, up, right, right, right, right, up, up, and up. To complete the second room, go up, up, right, up, left, up, up, right, up, left, up, right, up, up, left, up. The solution to the third and final room is up, left, right, up, up, left, up, up, up, up, down, right, right, down, right, right, up, up, left, left, and up. You may have to wait for moving tiles to slide into position in several spots in order for this path to work.

Rift Seven:

This Rift is in front of the Crystal Gate. You can only find it after solving the previous six.

Again, this Rift is a Hands of Time puzzle and has no direct solution.

For completing the seven Temporal Rift puzzles in this area, you will receive the Sparkling Runestone Fragment, the Thrilling Milestone Fragment, the Dewy Bloodstone Fragment, the Spinning Moonstone Fragment, the Lovely Starstone Fragment, the Astonishing Limestone Fragment, the Bubbly Stone Fragment, the Scorching Firestone Fragment, and the Mossy Rosetta Stone Fragment, respectively. You will also receive 500 experience points for each one that you solve. After you’re done with all of them, feel free to head to Oerba 400 AF, as there is little else of interest in this area.