Now that you have collected the Twilight Fragment Alpha, you can return to Vile Peaks 200 AF to obtain the Twilight Fragment Beta as well. Return to the Another Man’s Treasure area and examine Twilight Odin. This will begin a second battle against the boss, so be sure that you are prepared before examining it. This battle is essentially the same as the first one, except that Twilight Odin will use the extremely powerful Zantetsuken attack towards the end of the battle. Refer to the previous guide for strategies on how to defeat this boss, but know that you should switch to the Tortoise Paradigm when you see Zantetsuken coming, and that you should try to end the battle as soon as you can afterwards because another one will quickly be coming your way.

You will receive the Twilight Fragment Beta for defeating this boss a second time, along with a Martyr’s Badge, the Twilight Odin Monster Crystal, the Return Gate Seal, and the Afterimage Gate Seal.

Head back to the gate on the east to visit Torreno again. You will receive the Blitz Squadron Mission Report Fragment and 500 experience points.

You can find another Fragment in the Another Man’s Treasure area at this point. Go to the south of the entrance to the tunnel in this area and use Moogle Hunt to uncover a familiar NPC. Speak with him to get the Father’s Song Fragment. Now head to the south of the Gate near Torreno and use Moogle Hunt on the out of phase person standing behind the Gate. A cutscene will play and you will get the Words of Light Fragment. Monster enthusiasts should note that at this point, you can go back to Serendipity and speak with the Mystic to get the Monster Collector Fragment Skill, which will increase your chances of obtaining a monster’s crystal after an encounter.