Run down the hallway into the circular room and exit to the left to emerge into the Chamber of the Seven Fathers. This will initiate a long cutscene in which Drake and Chase will pick up the trail of the gold cities. They will connect it back to the mass grave from earlier and discover that they need an ancient artifact called the Sword of Stephen in order to move further on. Chase’s grandfather must have been after the sword himself.

After the cutscene, you will have to find a way to move the statues. Before doing anything, though, examine the table repeatedly to find a ton of treasures. Grab them and turn around. Facing the statues, head up the stairs to the right to find another treasure on the mossy rock obelisk. Approach Chase after collecting it to begin the puzzle.

Puzzle: Chamber of the Seven Fathers

As Chase will point out, there are two rules to this puzzle: First, each statue must end up on a tile next to two tiles that depict its symbol; second, statues may not share rows or columns. You will have to use the touch screen to move the statues around. First, move the statue with the staff down two spaces and right one. He will lock into place, indicating that you have placed him properly. Second, touch the statue in the lower right with the serpent. Move it all the way over to the left and up one to lock it into place. Next, grab the statue with the sword and move it to the serpent statue’s original location in the lower right corner. It will lock into place here. Then move the statue with its hands outstretched to the left two spaces and up three spaces, to the spot in the second row from the top surrounded by hand and sword icons. It will lock into place here. Grab the statue with the scroll next and move it to the only space in the third row from the bottom to be surrounded by two scrolls. Next, grab the statue with the book and move it to the left five spaces, so that it’s between the two chests. Finally, move the statue with the book left one space to complete the puzzle.


The circular door to the tomb on the other side of the map will open. Run to the stairs to initiate a cutscene, and then go back upstairs and through the opened door. This will trigger another cutscene. Climb down the rope after Chase. Head into the small room in the back for a cutscene. After it’s over, grab the ammo from the box next to Chase and the treasure from the base of the cherub statue to her left, then head out. Fun into the next room with the numerous stone slab coffins. Approach the stone crypt in the back center of the room to begin a minigame and a cutscene involving the Sword of Stephen. Touch the sword to make a charcoal rubbing of it. You will have to touch the top, middle, and bottom of the sword to make three separate rubbings, then flip it over and repeat the process.

Finishing the minigame will trigger a short cutscene, after which you should head back to the room with the rope to initiate another cutscene. After it’s done, take cover in the doorway and prepare for a fight. Three enemies will be inside of the crypt room, one of whom will be armed with a chaingun. Use your AK-47 and go for headshots to take them all out as quickly as you can. The chaingun-equipped enemy in particular can be annoying if you don’t take him out early in the battle. After a few seconds, additional enemies will begin rappelling in from the ceiling. Three waves of two enemies each will enter the arena from the ceiling and join the battle. If you can, try to shoot them as they are climbing down the ropes.

The last two enemies that will drop into the area will be armored and wielding shotguns. You may have to fall back on your pistol at this point, so make your shots count and don’t let them get close. If they advance too far, dash out of cover and to the left around the pillars to pick up the chaingun that the heavy dropped earlier. Use it to easily dispatch the shotgun-toting enemies. After the battle, scavenge ammo from the enemies and go talk to Dante. This will begin a cutscene. For now, it looks like you two will be working together.

Return to the room where you fought the enemies for a cutscene. Head down the path to the left of the crypt and jump down to find a wall that you can knock over and a cutscene. Follow the onscreen arrows to knock down the wall and walk up the stairs to end the chapter.