Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough Part 10 – Canneroc Sidequest

Head to the southeast from the entrance of the Webwoods closest to Arden's hut. Along the bank of the river you will find the remains of a Silk Farmer. Inspect them to gain the quest, “Resting The Bones”. Continue on south to find Canneroc.

As you enter the village you will find it under attack from numerous spiders. Kill all the ones around you and one of the villagers, Garaner Vernt will approach you and ask for your aid. He will give you the quest, “The Tangled Web”.  If you head into the Vauner House, talk with Syllareta Vauner to get the side quest, “Hair of the Dog”. Head into into the Silken Seat and talk with Menri Togh to get the side quest, “Grim Harvest”

Complete “The Tangled Web” to unlock “Cutting the Threads”.

Resting The Bones
With the bones in your supply, head to the nearby town of Conneroc. It is just to the south of the entrance to the area.

Hair of the Dog
You need to loot 15 spider poison glands. This is a great way to get more familiar with killing them. Just remember that fire works exceptionally well on them. On top of that, Vauner sells the Blazing Salve!

Grim Harvest
You need to head to Togh Farm to learn the fate of her family. The Farm is in the southern end of Webwood where it borders Haxhi. Head over there and investigate inside the farm house. Head down into the basement on the right and loot the corpse in the center of the room. You will find a dagger on it with some interesting initials. Head back to Canneroc and look for Cartery Jayck. He is likely around the eastern side of town. He will offer you a hefty bribe or you can just kill him.

The Tangled Web
Head to the south and enter the Shade Winter Caves. Head north as you enter the caves into the first chamber. Head a little to the left before heading down to find some Cripplespore. After you descend you will have four Venomspitters attack you (be sure to explore the western area of this part of the chamber for more Cripplespore). Deal with them then head to the northwest. It is important to note they are vulnerable to fire. You will find a Ysa's Breath on the right of this passage

When you reach the next T-intersection you will encounter three more Venomspitters. Head along the northwest to push toward your goal. You will find the man you are looking for fighting a trio of giant spiders. Help him out. Now you can either tell him the truth that Vernt has betrayed him or just fight him.

If you tell him the truth he will ask you to follow him back to Canneroc. He will have banished Vernt and he will give you the key to Gossamer End, a house inside the town.

If you fought him, return to the village and Vernt will give you Gossamer End.

Gossamer End
Head over to the marked house and open it using your new key. Now head into the trading post and talk with the blacksmith. He will offer a number of expansions onto the house for not too much gold:
Dining Area – 318
Alchemy Workbench – 318
Attic – 318
Basement – 318
Basement Expansion 1 – 318 (Spider gets into the house)
Basement Expansion 2 – 318

Getting all the expansions or just talking with the blacksmith will finish out the quest.

Cutting The Threads
Head to the north from the village, follow the path. When you can turn to the west. You will find the first entrance blocked so head a little farther west to find a second one in the mountainside nearby. Jump on down into the castle itself.

Immediately in front of you is a Lore Stone. Use it to hear some of the tale. Now you need to find the remaining four to finish out your task in here. Head up the stairs to the next chamber to find the next stone. Head to the west then north then west once again to encounter a number of giant rats. They are behind an average locked door so you need to spend some time picking it if you want to engage in that fight. You will find some nice loot in there so it maybe worth the effort.

Now head back to the main chamber and start to the north. When you reach the next chamber you will find another of the Lore Stones waiting for you. Collect it then head for the next chamber to the north. You will find a trio of Giant Rats. Kill them then head on to the northwest, turning south when you need to.

You will find the next Lore Stone in the following chamber. There are four giant rats in the same room so be ready for something of a fight.

Continue on the path to the south. You will find the final Lore Stone along the western side of the passage leading toward the next big chamber, the Audience Chamber. Approach the Widow and she will declare she has returned and will claim Yovan for her own.

Escaping the Castle
She will immediately teleport away, leaving you to face a number of her brood. There are three Giant Spiders and four Venomspitters. Defeat them to update the quest.

The Widow's Wrath
Now you need to get out of the castle to spread the news. Head south, bear to the north and again turn south to return to the entryway. As you head into the corridor leading north from the audience chamber you will encounter two Venomspitters. When you reach the next chamber you need to deal with a Giant Spider and four Venomspitters. In the corridor, as it turns east, you will encounter another brood of a Giant Spider and three Venomspitters.

When you reach the next chamber you will find a large brood of spiders looking for you. Again, a Giant Spider and five Venomspitters. Kill them all to continue onwards.

As you near the entryway, two more Venomspitters will attack you. Once you are in the entryway, heading for the door, you will be attacked at the first archway by a pair of Venomspitters. Open the door beyond to return to Yovan and Webwood.

Return to Canneroc and defend it from the spiders that appear inside the town itself. There is only one Giant Spider but there are several Venomspitters. Kill them and talk with whoever is in charge of the town. Tell them the Widow is leading them and they will tell you to head for Cathrus where the Widow likely has her den

*Be sure you have a weapon/spell that inflict Fire Damage to make things easier for you inside Cathrus.

Head southeast from the village. You will find it in the cliffside. There are four Giant Spiders at the entrance of it so be wary. Once they are down, head inside.

Just inside you will find the Widow waiting for you. She will offer peace if you kill everyone in Canneroc. You can also take the second option to threaten to kill her.

Hunting the Widow
Head straight forward to encounter the first batch of spiders, six Venomspitters. Now head to the southeast, through the corridors. When the corridor widens, head into that area to trigger the next fight. It starts with three Venomspitters. After a shortwhile you will find there are more coming in the form of a pair of Giant Spiders.

Now head to the southwest. Use your fire on the little chamber that goes to the southeast to collect some treasure. Now keep following the path farther in. When you reach the circular chamber, you will be attacked by a Giant Spider and five more Venomspitters.

As you head into the corridor past this chamber, be sure to use your fire weapon to get at all the side c chambers to claim the treasures that lie in the Spider sacs. Eventually the corridor widens into another chamber. Here you will encounter three Giant Spiders.

Press on toward the northwest. As the corridor turns to the northeast, you will find a pair of Venomspitters waiting in hiding for you. Deal with them and keep moving on. Just past the next bend in the corridor you will find more Venomspitters waiting for you in the ground. The initial wave is three of them, but once two of them are down, a fourth will pop out to join the fray. When the corridor turn to the south you will find the Widow in front of you.

The Widow
She will start the battle by summoning a single Venomspitter. Focus as many of your attacks during this time on her as you can. If the spider becomes a problem, deal with it. Otherwise, try to let it be. Kill it and she will summon three more. Her general tactics beyond that are to use protective spells once in a while and to blast you from afar with her staff.

As her health gets lower she will summon more spiders to attack you. Kill them as needed to keep it manageable. Be ready to dodge or block at a moments notice during this.

If you have a full fate bar and she is down to less than half health, it is a good time to active Reckoning mode and just lay into her, quickly killing her. After that, you can finish off the spiders “leisurely”.

Return to the town and go into the inn. Talk with Barten to finish out this quest.