Kingdoms Of Amalur Reckoning Factions Walkthrough Part 1 – Warsworn Part 1

The Commendation
Talk with Ost Ordura inside the Gorthart Inn. This is the introductory Warsworn quest. He will ask you to hunt down two Bandit leaders in the nearby woods.

The first of the brothers can be found to the north of the village. Just follow the path north then break from it and continue on. You will find a stream between you and the camp.If you go a little more to the east you will find a smaller encampment with the lore stone of Dalentarth, two bandits and an easy locked chest with Scarab Salts, White Flake and possible a Shadow Prism as well. Now swim across the river and then you can either sneak in, slaying those strictly in your path or just enter open combat. It is very possible to sneak up and steal his dagger and leave him alive … or just kill him.

Now continue to the east. You have a ways to travel with a fair number of enemies. Once you get closer to your target you will encounter a trio of Red Legion bandits. Kill them then get ready to handle the smaller camp. Again, you can just move in and attack or sneak in, potentially just stealing the dagger. The target is asleep so it is not too hard. Either way, you can now head back to the village and report to Ost to receive your reward. You will get some money and be told to head for Shieldring Keep, to speak with Tine Delfric with the commendation.

Road Patrol
Travel to Shieldring Keep. Just follow the road north, then to the east. Head south when the road allows and you will find your way there. Head through the giant gate. Talk with the man directly in front of you. This is Tine Delfic. Choose “Tell me about the work” to get your first assignment. You need to head for Didenhil to gather a small force to deal with potential robbers.

Head to the east from Shieldring Keep and find your way to Didenhil. There head along the path to the third house on the left. Head inside and talk with the man between the beds, Wyl Rendig. He will give you directions to the bridge you are heading for.

Head north and east out of Didenhil to get into Lorca-Rane. Keep going to the east along the same path to find the Warden's bridge. You will find your group on the far side of the bridge. Approach Ost and begin the patrol. This part is broken into three segments. Two are investigation where you need to get to marked clues and look at them. The final segment has your band encounter a Niskaru Bloodhunter in the nearby ruins. Defeat it with the aid of your band then talk with Ost Ordura.

For the next part of the mission, stay with Ost as he tracks the Niskaru. Follow him to Brigand Hall. There you will encounter two more Niskaru Bloodhunters. Help Ost defeat them then choose “Let's go, then” when you talk with him next.

The Heart of Sibun
Head into Brigand Hall with Ost. Keep with him as he opens the door into Brigand Hall. Be sure to hang to right-hand side of the hall to avoid all the traps. When you reach the next door, head to east, jumping down, and head south then west to find the lever you are looking for to open the door for Ost.

Jump down and then hug the left-hand side of the passage. There is a pair of spike traps waiting ahead covering the center and right where you see a torch with a skeleton at its base. Head forward to the left of that torch. Past that, keep to the left to pass another spiked floor trap. Ahead you will see a pendulum scythe as well as a pair of floor spikes. Walk between the spikes, heading immediately to the left to avoid the bear trap then time your dash to get by the scythe and the one beyond it. Just be sure as you dash past the second, you keep either strictly to the center or to the left to avoid another pair of bear traps. Past them you will see a rope and a pair of floor spikes. Walk up to the rope between the floor spikes to trigger the trap harmlessly in front of you. Just past that you will find the lever you were looking for. Pull it to open the door for Ost.

Follow Ost to reach the next chamber. There you will encounter a Niskaru Bloodhunter among the corpses of the thieves. Ost will have you take point now. Head on to the south and west toward the marker above you. Once you pass through the wooden door, there are more traps to worry about. Keep in the center of the path to avoid the majority of them. Once you reach the blood-caked area there are no more traps to worry about. Loot the bodies and head past  the burning wreckage. On the far side of the cavern Ost will notice those responsible for the Niskaru, Chaos Mages. Head on forward to start the fight. There are three mages, kill them to unleash a pair of Niskaru Bloodhunters. Unfortunately, during the cutscene that runs you will see Ost get run through. Loot the bodies in the chamber once the fighting is done and head to the east.

Go through the door at the top of the stairs. Bear south after that. Take out the boxes in front of you and hang to the sides to avoid the fire trap in the middle of the boxes. DO the same for the next set and then hang to the right or center to avoid the third trap. Past that you will find another door.

On the other side you will find three more of the mages. Kill them quickly as a Niskaru Bloodhunter descends on them as well. Sure they will fight it with you but as soon as it dies they will focus on you. Loot the bodies and head to the south then east.

Inside the waterfall cavern, head all the way to the east to find most mages. They will summon a Niskaru Tyrant. This thing is made of fire so equip all fire resistant gear and be sure you have a weapon or spell that can deal Ice damage as it is vulnerable to it. Stagger it and do your best to kill it quickly. Once you finish it off, head to the circle where it was summoned. On the far side you will find the Heart of Sibun. Collect it and leave Brigand's Hall. Time to return to Shieldring Keep and finish out the mission properly.

At Shieldring, report to Tine Delfric. He will ask to see the artifact. He is shocked ot learn what is it and give you a new mission.

Contract Work:
Talk with Idwold Freward when you finish a contract job to collect your pay.

Lost Book – Overgrown Thicket
Take this contract to get the quest, “Ungentle Beast”
Head west of the Shieldring keep. You will find the thicket quickly enough. Head inside and then go forward. There are three Kobolds waiting inside. Kill them then head to the right. When the passage opens some you will find a pair of Barhest. Start bearing to the southwest from there. The passage will open up again with three more Kobolds guarding the book in the back of the room. Collect the book and return to Shieldring Keep to collect your reward.

Ettinmere Inquiry
“Rallying Cry”
This one tasks you with tracking down and killing four Ettin Shamans. Likely you have some experience with them now so you know they are not to be taken too lightly. Still, someone nimble on their feet or clad in solid armor can go up against them easily enough.

Is found to the southwest of Holnstead.

Found just up from the northern shore of the area.

Found more is the central portion of Ettinmere on an island.

Found in the far south part of Ettinmere.

Head to Shieldring keep and talk with Idwold Freward to complete the contract and receive your pay.

Haxhi Trolls
“A Brutal Contract”
*This contract cannot be gained through the contract board in Shieldring Keep!
You will find the original contract holder limping around in northern Haxhi, near the path through to Northeastern Webwood. He will be looking over the ledge at the river below. He will tell you there are five trolls that need to be killed.

The First Troll is to the west of where you find Declan Malus. Just head over there and kill the Mountain Troll. These are very resistant to most elemental damage but physical and poison still works very well on them. This is also the location of their camp so you can get some loot while you are there.

The Second Troll is south of the first. It patrols the area nearby the bridge leading east from this part of Haxi.

The Third Troll is farther south, walking the crossroad leading in from eastern Webwood.

The Fourth Troll is to the northeast from the third. Cross the next bridge to the east and head just a little to the right to find it.

The Fifth Troll is nearby Sliprock Depths. From the Fourth Troll's location, head south, back across the bridge then to the east.

Now return to Declan Malus to finish out the quest. He has gone back to the campsite which is northwest of the Haxhi Dam. Talk with him to get the Greater Flame Hilt as your reward.