With the advanced release of the Brutal Legend demo, many who have been following this game through its shaky history have finally been able to enjoy the game itself. While it seems short, the demo runs about thirty minutes. I can only say that it is a quality game so far. If the full game improves and keeps the pacing that this demo has, there will be little doubt of the game’s success.

The game itself opened up with our Protagonist, Eddie Riggs, tuning his guitar, Clementine. We then see various members of a band, talking among themselves. One apologizes, insincerely, about smashing up Eddie’s guitar the night before. We see them walk onto stage and the show gets under way. After the accident, some choices, and a very awesome scene, Eddie wakes up in a temple. He is quickly attacked by four demon guards, which leads him to grab the legendary axe, the Seperator, and take them out. He then grabs his guitar Clementine, who has come with him, rocks a little, and electrocutes some guards from simple picking. Eddie is amazing and fully believes in the power of Rock. The game keeps a solid pace from there, introducing the Druid Plow, a hot rod, and giving you a very good chance to drive it.

The game also did something interesting. In the opening scenes, you are confronted with two choices: to enable gore and enable swearing. Even without the swearing and blood, I found myself enjoying the game, sometimes laughing a little more at the bleeping. Still, I did miss the blood when I was playing through with it off. It is a very nice little family-friendly option to have in a very definite Mature title.

Graphically, the game was fairly impressive. While elements were definitely on the cartoony end, there was still a great amount of time invested in them. The only way to accurately describe a lot of it is simply Metal. Almost everything looks like it belongs on the cover a Metal album or something relating to it. It just adds to the tone of Metal all around.

One last thing to note is the music and voices. To keep from being redundant, it is all hard rock and heavy metal for the soundtrack. Then again, with Jack Black as a feature character in the game, it is somewhat expected (ala Tenacious D). If you are going to be playing this, there are definitely times you will be blasting it simply for the music.

The demo itself just seems too short, though you feel you do have a solid feel for the game by the time you are done with it. After the demo, it offers some additional footage of the game, letting you see what is to come in October. In small ways, it seems almost cruel to play it, as you know this is what is waiting for you in a little over a month away. All one can do until then is keep occupied with the plethora of games that are out.

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