Exit the Trainers school, and head North. A guy will stop you. He is the president of the Poketch company! The poketch, or poke watch, is a very useful utility that has many tools to help you in your game.

The Poketch company president will tell you they are running a promotion and you have to find 3 clowns in Jubilife City. Each clown will ask you a question about pokemon. If you answer correctly, the clown will give you a coupon. If you get a coupon from all 3 clowns, the poketch company president will give you a poketch as a gift.

Here is the locations of the clowns:

Clown 1: Behind the Pokemon Center
Clown 2: In front of the Jubilife TV station (just about the Fountain)
Clown 3: In front of the Poketch Company (to the left of the TV station)

First head right to behind the poke center (the building with the red roof). The first poketch campaign clown is standing there, to the right. He will ask you:

"Does a pokemon grow by defeating others and gaining Exp. Points?"
Answer: YES

Listen to his explanation on how pokemon become more stronger and even evolve to a stronger pokemon.

Congratulations, you got your first poketch promotional coupon. You only need 2 more to get the poketch.

Next, head west until you see a fountain. Then head north. There'll be another clown standing infront of a building (The Jubilife tv station)

He will ask you:

"Can a pokemon hold an item?"
Answer: YES

Listen to his lesson on held items for pokemon. A pokemon can hold a single item, giving the pokemon various bonuses.

One more coupon to go!

Head west,  there will be a big building that is the Poketch Company headquarters. The clown will be standing in front of that building. He will ask you:

"Just like Pokemon types, the moves of Pokemon also have types?"
Answer: YES

He will tell you how using a move of the same type as the pokemon (for example a fire pokemon using a fire move) will make the move more powerful.

Now that you have your 3 coupons, go redeem them for your poketch! Head east past the fountain, then south. Talk to the poketch companhy president again. He will count your coupons (You should have 3) and will give you the poketch. Congratulations! You will see that the bottom part of the screen now becomes a watch. You can check out what apps you got by touching one of those red buttons.

Your poketch starts out loaded with 4 apps: a digital watch (Poketch app #1), Calculator (Poketch app #2), Pedometer (Poketch app #4), and a pokemon list (Poketch #5). Play around with them! You will get more and more apps for your poketch as you progress in your adventure.