Uncharted Golden Abyss begins with protagonist Drake on the run from a group of mercenaries. You will begin the game in a jungle arena area. After the cutscene, proceed forward. Turn to the left and a tutorial message will appear explaining jumping and climbing. Jump across the gap to the stone handhold and climb the ledges down. Another tutorial will explain jumping from a hanging position. Follow the tutorial’s advice and leap across the gap behind you to reach the other side. Follow the ledges as they lead upwards, and then climb across the series of handholds like monkey bars.

An enemy will appear at the top of the cliff. Climb up the handholds to initiate a tutorial explaining stealth attacks. Grab the guard from off the ledge to take him out silently, and climb up to the top of the cliff. Grab the AK-47 off of the ground. Proceed forward and take cover on the protruding stone slab right behind the guard. The tutorial will encourage you to open fire in this section, but it’s actually easier to remain stealthy and take the enemies out unawares. Grab the guard when the other guard isn’t looking and hit him over the head to knock him out. Proceed up to the second guard while his back is still turned to knock him out as well.

To your right will be a bridge with several enemies on the other side. Wait until the enemy on the bridge has his back turned, then look to the left and right. Other enemies will be stationed there. If their backs are turned as well, you are clear to run halfway across the bridge and take the first patrol out. Now two enemies will patrol to your right, and one enemy will patrol to your left. If you haven’t been spotted yet, it will be easy to take the guard out on the left before opening fire on the enemies to the right, as they are dug in pretty well and can’t be taken by surprise. Otherwise, you will have a firefight on your hands. Use your AK to make short work of the remaining guards.

Now proceed to the left, under the glow of the excavation lights. You will see a series of handholds snaking up the cliff face. Climb them up until you reach a stone slab protruding from the wall. When you climb over the stone slab, three enemies will emerge into the courtyard below. Kill them using your pistol while hanging from the slab. After they are dead, follow the handholds to another slab. When you climb onto this one, three more enemies will attack you from the overgrown clearing below. Take them out the same way you did the initial three enemies. Climb down from the stone slab and jump onto the edge of the cliff. A cutscene will play in which Drake is attacked by a man with a rocket launcher, and the scene will flash back to two weeks earlier.