Dawn will meet you in the entrance to Jubilife City. She will congratulate you on all your pokemon you've caught, and tell you to follow her to a place where you can learn more about pokemon. Follow her. On the way, you will run into a mysterious stranger. You will find out that he is a member of the international police, code name: Looker. He will tell you that he is fighting pokemon theft. He will also give you a Vs. Recorder which you can use to record a battle between you and another person. He will tell you to inform him of any bad guys you see.

After he leaves, Dawn will show you where the trainers' school is. She will say she saw your rival going in there earlier.

Enter the trainers' School. There's a poke ball on the top left corner. Grab it. It contains an X attack. This is an item you can use in battle to raise your attack stat.

Your rival is standing near the blackboard. Talk to him to give him the package from his mother. It has 2 town maps. Your rival will give you one of them. He will tell you that Oreburgh City is where he is headed next and leave.

Have a look in the town map by going to your bag, then to the key items slot which is the last slot on the right. See if you can locate where you are, also look for Sandgem town and your home, Twinleaf town.

Talk to the various people in the school. They will offer some helpful advice. One important piece of advice you will learn is about pokemon weaknesses. Grass is weak to fire, fire is weak to water, and water is weak to grass. So for example if you are fighting a fire pokemon, use a water move against him if you got one. It will be super effective and you will do lots of damage! If you are fighting a grass pokemon, use a fire move, and if you are fighting a water pokemon, use a grass type move.

The trainers to the right will even offer you to battle with them. You should accept the offer since it is a good chance for experience and money. Plus if you defeat both of them, they will give you a potion.