The Darkness 2 Walkthrough Part 12 – Revelations, Heart Of Darkness

Jackie wakes up once again in the Mental Institution. Wait for his friends to leave and then you are free to wander the halls. Head out and to the right. The second Jackie steps out he gets sick. Follow Doctor James and Edward forward. They are taking you somewhere.

As you round the corner from the patient's corridor you will find a new doctor waiting for you, Doctor Vick. They explain things as the Darkness is just a trick Jackie's mind is playing on him. After that talk they take you further into the ward. As you reach the Nurse's station the Janitor appears again, telling you the way out is up. Head up the stairs. The Darkling opens the door, being bathed in sunlight. This kills him for good. He has some good final lines then gets you to run up onto the roof.

The cutscene runs and you need to make a choice. If you choose to stay with Jenny, then the credits run. If you reject the Asylum then you return to the fight.

Heart Of Darkness
You are facing the Darkness in its own realm. That means something. Move on forward until you see Jenny for the first time. Turn to the right (or just turn right when you first can) to find the relic, “Prism Of The Brothers”. Head on forward now to reach Jenny.

 You will need to face down three attackers in front of Jenny. Jackie will manifest the Darkness powers inside this realm. You might not have guns but you have Grabby and Slashy as you always have. Use them to tear through the enemies quickly and easily. Kill the ones that the Darkness sends at you then head through the tunnel on your right.

Just follow the path forward to find a Talent Shrine. Head along to encounter more minions, these with “guns”. Still, kill the trio, grab the guns and deal with the oncoming Darklings.

Head farther along and you start to find “eggs” of a sort. Approach them and minions will come out. Head up until you hear the Darkness say “Your Soul is Lost” and you need to kill two of the “hatchlings” and have a wall in front of you. Turn and look to the right to find a relic hidden in the Darkness's own realm, “Ashes of the Unnamed”. Grab it then rip apart the wall with Grabby.

Head forward to attacked by more hatchlings. These will have a “SMG” so feel free to grab it for a little variety. Continue up the hill. You will find Jenny's Soul again, this time surrounded by Hatchlings. Unleash hell on the Darkness's spawn here. Once they are all dead use Grabby to Destroy the first of the spikes binding her.

Once she is taken up a level head through the path that opens up. There is a Talent Shrine on the right surrounded by spikes but you can still access it easily. Now keep going up the slope. There are a few more Hatchlings and some Darklings then you reach another wall you need to destroy.

Head up farther and you will find Jenny. Immediately you will be attacked by a Hatchling with a Darkness Shield. Focus fire on it to rip the shield away and kill it quickly. Swarm is another great way to quickly neutralize a lot of threats around you or the Gun Channeling for some very fast kills. Take out the Hatchlings then use Grabby again to rip apart the second binding.