Augusta Tower is perhaps the trickiest of the levels you’ve been to so far. It revolves (no pun intended) around rotating the rooms to create paths where there were none before. Along the way, pay attention to the announcements that will play stating seemingly random numbers. Examining the control panel near the blue cube in the center of the area will rotate the room so that you can run out onto walkway and reach the next control panel, which you should also press. This will rotate the area again. Entering the next room will take you to the outer rim of the tower.

Head south until you find a third control panel. This one you should press twice instead of once, rotating the adjacent room to be upside down from where is used to be. Now return back to the inner circle of the area to trigger a cutscene. Hop in the elevator that appears after the cutscene and ride it up to the 14th floor. From now on, you’ll be facing monsters in addition to the rotation puzzles. If you’re hurting for a Medic, the Flanitor that appears in this area will make a strong addition to your party, as it only has healing spells.

Look to your left to find Chocolina, and head over to her to trigger another cutscene. There will be another control panel sitting next to her. Press it twice. Now go all the way south and enter the room there. Press the control panel in this room twice as well. This will allow you to access the 15th floor, so head back to the elevator again and push the button inside to ride up one floor.

Walk to the other side of the first room on the 15th floor to access another control panel. Press this one three times, and then proceed to the left where you will exit onto a walkway. Activate the next control panel twice, and then examine the holographic screen that appears inside of it. A Live Trigger Event will occur prompting you for a password. This is where the random number announcements that have been playing will come in. Don’t worry if you can’t remember any of them; the password is 1237172. You will receive the Entropy Board and 500 experience points for your outstanding memory. You will also get a key to the 51st floor of the massive tower, but you shouldn’t go there just yet. Instead, return to the Historia Crux.