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Pokemon Platinum WiFi Guide
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 08/9/2009
Explains how to enable Mystery Gift and the uses of the various WiFi features of Pokemon Platinum.

Pokemon Platinum Wi-Fi Guide

Mystery Gift
The Underground
The Global Trading System
Wi-Fi Plaza

Pokemon Platinum, more than any other version of Pokemon, has a myriad of Wi-Fi options. The Wi-Fi Plaza alone added a lot of variety to what the game had to offer by giving it something completely new for the players. The Mystery Gift Option has been used much more as well. The Global Trading Station has been augmented slightly as well, letting you view videos submitted by other Pokemon players from around the world.

Mystery Gift
While instructions are included to enable the Mystery Gift with Pokemon Platinum, the insert is remarkably easy to lose. To gain access to the TV station, you need to have cleared the first Gym in Oreburgh City, otherwise a Clown will be in your way.

1) Activate the Mystery Gift through the Jubilife TV station
A) Go to the 3rd Floor and talk to TV Producer answering his questions as such
B) Opinion on TV: Everyone Happy: People – Everyone then select Feelings - Happy
C) Feedback on TV: Wi-Fi Connection: Union – Wi-Fi then select Union – Connection
D) Save your Game!
2) Go to the Mystery gift option on the start menu, while in a Wi-Fi accessible Hotspot
3) Select receive from Nintendo WFC
4) Go to Any Poke Mart and talk to the person at the edge of the counter

The man will say he will pull some strings to get you the mystery gift. Save your game and reset it. You should see Mystery Gift in the file select menu.

Using the Mystery Gift
If Nintendo is hosting an Event over the Wi-Fi, go to a compatible Wi-Fi area (like a Café with free Wi-Fi), you will want to Select Mystery Gift then choose “Nintendo WFC”. The DS will automatically search it out and ask if you want to download it.
For local Mystery Gifts over the Wi-Fi, simply choose Wireless.

The Underground
Introduced in Diamond and Pearl this area is rich in Evolution Stones, Colored Shards, Spheres and Fossils. Some items are harder to find then others, but it is the best place to find evolution stones. Here you can also interact with other players who are nearby you (these will likely be friends). You can find their secret base, steal their flag, run it back to your own base and upgrade your base, clearing away more boulders. This also increases your Trainer Score, potentially upgrading your Trainer Card to a new color. You can also greet trainers in the Underground which, after 32, allows you to use the Odd Keystone on the Ruined Tower south of Solaceon City where you will be able to encounter and capture Spiritomb.

The Global Trading System (GTS)
Also introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl was a way to trade across regions. All you had to do was select the Pokemon you want to trade, post it on the Global Stading System (GTS) and if someone was takes the offer, the next time you log on, you would receive the Pokemon you had wanted.
IMPORTANT: You will only be able to ask for Pokemon you have entered into your Pokedex. You cannot ask (or search) for Pokemon you have yet to encounter.

Wi-Fi Plaza
This is completely new in Pokemon Platinum. When you enter, you get a Tap Toy, what you would be using to play the games. As you play any of the 3 games, you will have a chance at upgrading it to something new. Unfortuately, your time in the Wi-Fi Plaza is limited. The game shows this by lighting effects: If you see Spot-Lights on, about half your time is through, once it is dark, likely most of your time is up. Once the Pokemon Parade is done, the Wi-Fi Plaza closes and you have to leave.
Within the Plaza, there are a few things to do like checking out visitor profiles by looking at the Globe and playing any of the 3 games. The games are Swalot Plop, Mime Jr. Top and Wobbuffet Pop. All of them support up to 4 players with a minimum of 2 players for any given game. The Prize for all games is getting an Upgrade to your Tap Toy. For Swalot Plop and Mime Jr. Top, you need to finish first. For Wobbuffet Pop, if 10 or more balloons are popped, then everyone gets an upgrade to their Tap Toy.
Joining Games: The lights near each game make it easier to understand what games are presently open or are in progress. If the lights are Blue, then the game is collecting players. Once the lights are Red then the game is progress. Each game has a 1 minute start-up timer.

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