Assassin's Creed Revelations Walkthrough Part 34 – The Maiden's Tower

You are lead to the docks by the Sofia Memory marker. From there you will be taken to the Maiden's Tower.

Full Synchronization requires the Ezio not fall into the water.

Head for the first marker and interact with the manhole cover there. Now head over to the flashing fireplace. Interact with that to open up the first puzzle room. The theme of this puzzle set is timing.

The first room is simple enough. Head over to the flashing lever and pull it. You have 30 seconds. Now dash for the nearby wall, climbing up and going to the left. Cross the ruins and head for the opened wall section. This drops a number of pillars into the water, which is then drained away.

Head for the next marker by jumping to the right and catching yourself on the ledge below. Cross over the beams ahead of you to the bridge below. Run across it, letting Ezio worry about the perils to reach the next lever You will have 50 seconds. Pull it and up the nearby bench onto the beams. Climb them up then back eject off that wall to reach a pole. Swing from there to the lantern and long jump across the gap and continue forward. When you reach the next wall, shimmy to the left then jump over to the left. Continue then to cross to the other side of the room. You will find the second lever there.

Head to the right of the last lever. It is only a short dash and a few hops to make it to the next lever. Pull it and you will have 70 seconds. Dash straight ahead and jump up the wall. Now just free run straight ahead, turning right when needed. After you pass through the doorway leading to a series of archways, keep your pace, crossing the arches. From the last arch hop to the left so you are on the pillar. Climb it then jump to the pillar to your left. Now shimmy to the right and jump over to the next pillar. Be sure to give yourself some space to avoid falling into the water. Now simply run straight ahead to reach the mechanism.

Go straight ahead to find the next lever. You will have 60 seconds. Jump to the suspended stone pillar to the right. Shimmy to the left, until the camera changes, then back eject from the pillar to the narrow metal ledge across from you. Climb up and free run ahead. Once you get to the wall then start heading right. Head to the last platform and from there jump to the right and into the cage with the next switch.

Head out of the cage and climb up the stone pillar. Continue to the left and climb up the next suspended stone. Focus on this upward course. There are a number of pillars to climb with a lot of work for your Hookblade. Once you make it to the same level as the Masyaf key, simply jump across and use the Hookblade to catch yourself. Loot the chest for money and good amount of supplies.