Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword – Crafting Guide

Upgrade Recipe
Item Guide

Unlikely many Legend of Zelda games your equipment can be upgraded by visiting a Vendor in Skyloft's Bazaar. For a few rupees and having particular ingredients you can upgrade what Link has on him opposed to collecting the upgrades over the course of the game.

Upgrade Recipes
Slingshot - > Scattershot
Price: 50
1) 2 Dusk Relic    2) 2 Amber Relic    3) 3 Jelly Blobs
Hook Beetle - > Quick Beetle
Price: 50
1) 2 Ancient Flowers    2) 2 Hornet Larvae    3) 1 Golden Skull

Quick Beetle - > Tough Beetle
Price: 50
1) 3 Ancient Flowers     2) 4 Amber Relics    3) 1 Blue Bird Feather    4) 1 Goddess Plume
Wooden Bow - > Iron Bow
Price: 50
1) 3 Tumbleweeds    2) 3 Monster Claws    3) 2 Eldin Ores    4) 1 Evil Crystal

Iron Bow - > Sacred Bow   
Price: 100
1) 5 Tumbleweeds    2) 3 Lizard Tails    3) 2 Evil Crystals    4) 1 Goddess Plume
Bug Net - > Big Bug Net
Price: 100
1) 3 Tumbleweeds    2) 2 Ancient Flowers    3) 1 Evil Crystal
Wooden Shield - > Banded Shield
Price: 30
1) 1 Monster Claws    2) 2 Amber Relics    3) 1 Jelly Blob
Banded Shield - > Braced Shield
Price: 50
1) 2 Monster Claws    2) 3 Amber Relics    3) 2 Tumbleweeds    4) 1 Ornamental Skull
Iron Shield - > Reinforced Shield
Price: 50
1) 2 Eldin Ores    2) 2 Ornamental Skulls    3) 2 Monster Claws
Reinforced Shield - > Fortified Shield
Price: 100
1) 3 Eldin Ores    2) 3 Monster Claws    3) 3 Tumbleweeds    4) 1 Blue Bird Feather
Sacred Shield - > Divine Shield
Price: 100
1) 3 Ornamental Skulls    2) 1 Dusk Relic    3) 2 Bird Feathers
Divine Shield - > Goddess Shield
Price: 150
1) 3 Monster Horns    2) 4 Dusk Relics    3) 3 Bird Feathers    4) 1 Blue Bird Feather
Small Seed Satchel - > Medium Seed Satchel
Price: 50
1) 4 Amber Relics    2) 3 Monster Claws    3) 3 Ornamental Skulls
Medium Seed Satchel - > Large Seed Satchel
Price: 100
1) 5 Amber Relics    2) 3 Monster Claws    3)1 Golden Skull    4) 1 Blue Bird Feather
Small Quiver - > Medium Quiver
Price: 50
1) 3 Monster Horns    2) 3 Dusk Relics    3) 5 Amber Relics   
Medium Quiver - > Large Quiver
Price: 100
1) 2 Monster Horns    2) 3 Dusk Relics    3) 1 Golden Skull    4) 1 Goddess Plume
Small Bomb Bag - > Medium Bomb Bag
Price: 50
1) 1 Lizard Tail    2) 3 Ornamental Skulls    3) 1 Blue Bird Feather
Medium Bomb Bag
Price: 100
1) 3 Lizard Tails    2) 4 Jelly Blobs    3) 2 Hornet Larvae    4) 1 Golden Skull   
Item Guide
Hornet Larvea:
Found exclusively in the Deep Woods area of Faron Woods. These are best found just outside the Skyview Temple. Nail the Deku Hive up in the tree and then use your Bug Net to clear away the Deku Hornets. After that, head to the fallen nest to collect the larvae. Just head in and back out of the Temple.

Bird Feathers
Catch small pink and yellow birds. You can find them easily throughout Faron Woods. If you are not at the end of the game, the Sealed Grounds is a good spot for them. It works very well as you can simply enter and exit the Sealed Temple to respawn the birds.

You catch these only while wandering around the Lanaryu Desert and catching the ones you see  blowing around there with your Bug Net. They will spawn if you move for a short distance then stop. The entrance area to the Desert is a great place as it is a large area.

Lizard Tails
An Exclusive Drop from Lizalfos. These are easy enough to collect over the course of the game but you can grind them in the Shipyard of the Lanayru Sand Sea. There is an easy to find pair of Lizalfos so you can kill them repeatedly.

Eldin Ore
Found only in the Eldin Volcano chain. These are easiest to find by digging up the dirt patches. Keep at them to wind with far more than what one could use in one game.

Ancient Flowers
Found only in the Lanaryu Desert, exclusively in the time-shifted areas. If you want to stock up quickly, just outside the Temple of Time is a good spot as is the Lanaryu Mine. Hit any Timeshift Stones to easily stock up on Ancient Flowers.

Amber Relics
Found easily throughout the game. If you want to grind them quickly just head into the first few rooms of Skyview Temples.

Dusk Relics
Found only in random Treasure Drops inside the Silent Realm. This makes them harder to collect overall. The only place to harvest them is through the Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round. These let you get into any map from the Silent Realm. You do not have to complete the map to collect the treasures you gather on them, just collect them.

Jelly Blobs
These drop from anything “squishy”: Chuchus, Deku Babas and Arachas. It is easy enough to gets a ton of them over the course of gameplay. If you want more, running the Waterfall Cave in Skyloft is the easiest way to collect them.

Monster Claws
Any type of Keese will drop these. It is easy to run short on them even though Keese are a common enemy. Head for the Waterfall Cave in Skyloft and kill all the Keese there. Later, when they stop appearing there, head for the Eldin Volcano.

Monster Horns
These drop exclusively from from Bokoblin leaders and that is a sometimes. You can reliably steal from from the Bokoblin Leaders using a Whip though. A good grind spot is the Bokoblin Village nearby the Earth Temple entrance.

Ornamental Skulls
All kinds of Bokoblins will drop these skulls. This will take some hunting early on but later they are easy to rack up. It is best to hunt Bokoblins is the sandy slopes of the Eldin Volcano. You can also find them in the Faron Woods.

Evil Crystals
These drop most commonly from Dark Lizalfos and Cursed Bokoblins. They are not easy to find or grind. Those you cannot collect from passing through the Ancient Cistern you can buy, at a price, from the Moonlight Merchant.

Blue Bird Feathers
You must collect Blue Birds that spawn in the Bird Groups. They are the rare ones of the group so be warned that it will not be easy. It is best to move from spawn location to spawn location tghan just repeatedly grinding the same one. Still, the Sealed Grounds and the Skyview Springs are good hunting locations.

Golden Skulls
Later in the game you will begin to collect them easily from any Bokoblin you fight. While they sound rare it is easy enough to collect a good number of them. If you need to grind for some then head for the Eldin Volcano.

Goddess Plume
There are only a few ways to collect these Goddess Plumes. These sometimes appear in the Silent Realm so wait until you can get to the Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round. You can grind them out in the Lanaryu Mining Facility, where you get the Gust Bellows. Running in and out of the Temple makes it easy as the Plume is very liable to appear in the same pile of dust repeatedly.