Assassin's Creed Walkthrough Part 18 – The Mentor's Keeper

Head to the Headquarters in Galata. Visit the library and look at the glowing book. You will be taken deeper into the world and emerge as Altair. He comes with 5 doses of medicine, 25 throwing knives, a sword and the hidden blade.

Full Synchronization is achieved by saving all the Citizens who are under attack.

For Full Synchronization you need to deal with the groups of Templars who are in the dark circles on the mini-map. Quickly close in on them and use Combos to take out the group fast. The Hidden Blade works very well here to quickly take them out especially with the assassinate option. Fight your way through to the castle. You can very easy achieve the Full Synchronization with just a few turns from the path you would follow otherwise.

Keep moving upwards, there will be a quick cutscene. Then you need to scale the wall to the right of the portcullis. Move along the ledge then slip up the edge. Assassinate the guard who comes to the edge. Take out the next guard who is further down with a pair of throwing knives. Now take a Leap of Faith into the hay below and stealth assassinate the pair of guards. Run past the training ground and climb up the nearby wall. Wait for the target to get close then finish climbing up and assassinate him. This will finish out the memory and we return to Ezio.